Lessons From Anime: Their Educational Value

Anime have always been a very big part of many lives. People have been watching them since their very childhood and have grown up with their favorite anime characters. Moreover, there are also quite a lot of things that one learns from these anime and that embed themselves in the personality of the viewer

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Watching anime has become a staple in quite a lot of people’s lives. It doesn’t matter if you are having a good or a bad day, one can always go back home and enjoy a good few episodes of anime without having to worry about anything else. So what is it that makes these anime so important for so many people and what are the things that one can learn from anime, well that is exactly what we will be discussing in depth in this article.

So what is it that makes these anime so special. Well, the characters that are often displayed are very well built, and the things that are often said by them and the way they spend their life is something that sticks with you. For instance, one very iconic moment about helping people out is often remembered through a scene of One Piece, where Luffy the main character of the anime series, when asked why did he want to save another character, he replied with

“You don’t need a reason to save someone”

though very simple in the utmost of senses, this is something that has stuck with many people for the entirety of their lives

Moreover, the situations that the anime characters are often put in often makes you question what would you do if you were in their place, and that leads to questioning and refining one’s views in themselves.

The connection that is built with an anime character whose whole purpose is to serve one mere task and character is something that one remembers and relates to. Anime also tend to be quite diverse and many times more realistic, which further helps the viewer empathize, relate and learn as they say, people are more likely to learn from people whom they think are like them. So, all in all, I do definitely think anime can hold an immense level of educational value, and can help refine your overall mentality and views. now moving on to listing some of the major things that one learns from watching anime

The Creativity Aspect

Anime also helps in enhancing the overall creativity of the viewers, it helps the viewers explore different aspects of what is happening and learn from them in more ways then one. Moreover, quite a lot of children have become interested in drawing after watching anime, and this can work as a rather quite functional hobby. A hobby which in itself is quite popular for the creativity that it births’

Hard Work

There are quite a lot of animes out there that promote hard work and promote the concept that literally everything is achievable as long as one keeps on working hard, which technically speaking is not always the case, but nonetheless is a great lesson to learn. It also teaches you how to stay stubborn when it comes to following your dream.

The Infinite Possibilities

The anime world is not shy of considering all of the possibilities that one can think off, and often animes go on to explore quite a lot of dierse possibilities that one doesn’t truly expect. This adds quite a link of suspense and intrigue while watching anime. This also expands the overall realm of what is possible in the conventional sense and what humans can achieve when they are fully focused on a certain thing


Anime can be a great way of learning some new stuff as well. There are quite a lot of anime out there that actually base the things that they tell on actual facts and studies. This helps them become more knowledgeable about some certain aspects and gain some relevant knowledge about certain fields. Moreover, some of the techniques that are often shown on the anime shows can be quite helpful when implemented in the right way in real life. As like we said many of the things that are told as facts are based on conclusive researches

Understanding The Other Party’s Views

This is something where anime truly shines and this is one of the things that make anime so unique. The thing that we are reffering to here is understinding the view of the oponnent’s side and the possiblity that though they they might be on the opposite side, that does not necessarily mean that they are wrong, the mere definition of justice and right and wrong is something that has often seen to be questioned in the different geners of anime. This leads to the viewer asking quite a few question about the way they think and the overall better refinenement of the mind. And that too in a way which is less judgemental and more understandning

Freedom And Independence

Quite a lot of anime shows out there emphasizes on the importance of freedom and the overall independence which a person can and ought to have. They show the things that a free person learns and what true definition of being truly free actually represents. The way things are represented and portrayed is the main thing that truly separates the anime for any other show.


Anime helps greatly understand how different circumstances prompt different result and how how things can differ quite a lot even though the people living it are quite similar just because of the circumstances that they are faced with. This in depth highlights that life in itself is not fair, and there are some cards we are dealt with at the time of our birth, and we just need to find the best way to use those cards for the most optimal way possible

Hopefully, this article was helpful and elaborated on my thoughts on Anime and their educational value, if you have a recommendation topic that you would like me to write my next article on, feel free to use the comment section below. Moreover, if you want to go through some interesting facts about anime, newslanded has a great article written on just that, so you can give it a look “here“. And lastly if you want to know whether death note is a good anime, we have a great article reviewing death note, you can give a look at that article right “here

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