Is Batman Marvel Or DC?

Batman is DC’s character and perhaps is one of the main characters of DC. Batman is currently played by Ben Affleck. Christian bale has also played batman’s character in one of the highest-rated movie trilogies of batman. The dark knight series. Batman has never appeared with characters like Captain America or spiderman because they belong to a different universe ‘marvel universe’ and batman belongs to a different universe ‘DC universe’

Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Just appreciate how long ago that was, in the year that World War II broke out. Batman has gone on to become one of the most famous fan favorite and arguably most popular superheroes of all time. Batman has originated a massive legacy of graphic novels, television, video game and movie franchises as well as tons of merchandise.

Is Batman An Antihero?

As we all know Batman is a vigilante which makes him more of a hero than an antihero. At the same time, Batman is also a threat to the society. Joker told him that he wouldn’t kill him because of his own beliefs in self-righteousness and the joker won’t kill him as he likes to play with him.

If that doesn’t tell you that Batman is responsible for keeping himself in business then nothing will.

Batman is also a killer. You’ll find all manner of bizarre murders committed in the name of justice by DC’s favorite hero. Batman uses fear tactics and terror to dishearten criminals sometimes to the extent where he is out of his limits.

Torture is just the way he do things. He uses this to intimidate and extract information from criminals. breaking arms and bones, cutting someone, or even throwing them places he does not have any empathy or sympathy for what happens to people.

In his defense, one can say that he is dealing with murderous and hardened criminals who seek every chance to kill him and he isn’t out to correct criminals. He might have conferred a few of his villains from time to time but he isn’t the type that believes in hating the sin not the sinner he is more like dislocate some joints and get the information.

What Type Of A Hero Is Batman?

Batman is a vigilante as written above. A vigilante is a person who undertakes enforcing their own sense of right or wrong without caring what other or the official government/ bodies think of his/her achtions. He often goes on to beat the criminals as much as he wants and doesn’t care for law but usually does hands the criminals over to the police if possible. this is a routine for him because Arkham Asylum and Blackgate aren’t secure enough.

Batman is a superhero, but he didn’t have any extraordinary superpowers. Batman is considered as superhero disregarding the fact that he didn’t have any Super-natural power, Bruce Wayne the Batman is purely an ordinary human like us with no event in the past which could create changes in him in any aspect. So it’s clear that it’s not always the powers that make anyone superhero. He didn’t have any superpower, but he’s still most favorite Hero of all time.

Is Batman Based On Vengence?

Yes, Batman is surely and undoubtedly a hero that came into being due to the concept of “Vengence”

He doesn’t kill for any personal reasons or any other reasons, despite how serious, cold, and generally deadly he can be.

Is Batman Stronger Than Ironman?

As we all know that Batman is physically stronger than Iron Man. Moreover, he is also often considered the better fighter when it comes to close combat

Iron Man has to depend upon his suit or weapons where possible, Batman focuses on his fighting abilities, which would give him the advantage in a fight with the MCU hero especially if they are in close range but things might change after ironman puts his suit on.

Both superhero’s are extraordinarily versatile with Batman’s gadgets and starks suit but Iron Man takes the cake here. He has Sonics that can kill the Juggernaut, tasers, beams that can parylise Hyperion who is marvel’s Superman.

There is literally no way for Batman to win in a fair fight. Ironman is very fast, strong and has better weapons which will help him to win instantly. Some even go as far to say that it’d be over in a blink of an eye

Iron man Photo or a better explanation to "Can batman beat Ironman"

Is Batman Stronger Than Spiderman?

Yes, Spiderman can beat Batman. It’s a fight. Anything can happen in a fight and it honestly depends on how they perform on the fighting day. I think the odds are still with Spider-Man but I agree that spidey sense doesn’t mean he never gets hit because he does. If you did any fight no matter how lopsided enough times you would get different outcomes. spider-sense doesn’t mean he can’t get hit but let’s not forget if it does see what’s coming he has the reflexes to dodge bullets let alone strikes. I for sure like the idea of batman using sonics, smoke, exploding batarangs, explosive gel, and all that good stuff it’s just going to be very hard.

Spidey will still have the advantage because a lot of this relies on Spider-Man messing around with him and not finishing him quickly because he surely has the speed and the strength to do so. Especially if the two don’t know each other that would put batman at a disadvantage. Because he will be unaware of how fast or strong spidey is until they met in combat, which at that point might be too late for the dark knight depending on how strong spidey lays it on.

There are a lot of variables with every fight. With no prep, batman could be overwhelmed from the start for these reasons. For as good a fighter he is spidey is too fast and too strong. Bruce’s best chance I believe is to use his gadgets. The trick is not to get finished right away. Think about it. If he didn’t know you had that kind of speed, power, agility, and reflexes enough to dodge gunfire he is most likely going to try to fight hand to hand. That’s what he does. I think unfortunately that plays right into spidey’s hand and if he is aggressive enough could end it there. After all, Batman is still human. But if spidey is methodical about taking his opponents out then I can see batman surviving the initial clash.

It’s rare that we see Spider-Man go completely off on someone and even then he needs them to push him to the very edge. Which is why I think since it would be in character that batman has more of a chance than he should here. I suppose he has his gadgets but it would be very difficult. I do think it’s possible, but probably more times than not he wouldn’t be able to handle the wall-crawler. He better makes every trick up his sleeve count because spidey packs a punch. Batman would have to play super dirty, Which could also cause Peter to go off.

Batman isn’t the kind of person to just jump to conclusions like that. A guy dressed as a spider? I’m sure Batman’s first guess was the webs and crawling. After all, most of his enemies have powers. And going with batman’s nature, he wouldn’t have gone for a fistfight in the first place at least not before drafting a hypothesis or researching for a bit. This fight should be put into a movie or something. It’s so cool.

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