Does Levi Die? Attack On Titan

Levi is one of the most favorite characters when it comes to attack on titan. This is often prompted due to his thug-life personality, and he always being at top of his game, and don’t forget his overall charisma.

And him being one of the favorite characters, There are a lot of people who ask the question of whether Levi dies in Attack On Titans, and, well that is exactly the question we will be discussing in great length in this very article. So without further ado, lets get right into it

Spoiler Alert!!

No, Levi Ackerman has not died in the anime series or the manga as of yet and as the manga is nearly complete there is very low chance of him dying any further in the manga. So for all of the Levi fans out there, you can have a breath of peace knowing that your favorite character is not going anywhere and sticks to story till the end of the anime series.

But Levi being safe and not injured does not mean that he doesn’t get injured as he does get injured quite severely. In fact, this is exactly the reason why the rumor of him dying started as he was shown severely injured ( nearly dead ) in a scene in the manga and then for the next 10 chapters there was no mention of him anywhere. But surely later on he was shown to still be a live. Lets look at the scene which created the confusion

A picture to better elaborate on "Does Levi Die? "
A picture to better elaborate on "Does Levi Die? "

One would assume Levi was dead due the injuries shown:

A picture to better elaborate on "Does Levi Die? "
A picture to better elaborate on "Does Levi Die? "

As shown in the above snippets from the manga, Levi ends up getting seriously injured after Zeke blows himself up with the thunder spear.THen later when Hange is asked about Levi, Hange says that Levis is for sure dead which further raises the suspicion of the audience but this is only to trick their captors

“He’s dead,” Hange tells the captors while they check the wreckage of the explosion. She then goes on to state that she had seen something similar of the sort in a training accident, and the organs are way worst condition than he looks, the guy died soon after the accident

say “I saw something similar in a training accident. His organs are in worse shape than how he looks. He died immediately.”

But this as we later find out is just a trick of Hange so they don’t make sure that Levi is dead. She’s even asked by the captors to take the pulse of Levi, but meanwhile she finds an opening to escape and dunks Levi to the water to found an escape

A picture to better elaborate on "Does Levi Die? "

Moving on from this part of the manga, we do not get to see Levi for the next 10 chapters which is the part that raised the suspicion of Levi Ackerman being dead. But Levi is shown alive near the last pages approaching the gates with the help of Hange

Fun Facts About Levi Ackerman

  • Even Levi has some sorts of regrets about the titans he has killed. This struck him when he came to know that all of the titans that he has killed in the past were all humans
  • Levi considers Eren to be the best cleaner when compared to the rest of the recruits
  • Levi was meant to marry Petra
  • Levi didn’t hold back killing his own ex-comrades when they turned into titans as he believed that they were already dead in essence, but he did kill them knowing that he was killing his comrades. This was something that Zeke did not expect him to do
  • Levi gets a few scars and looses his index and middle finger of his right hand after the self-erupted explosion of Zeke.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering a few of your attack on titan question, if you have any further questions, feel free to use the comment section below and in case you want to go through soe interesting facts about Attack On Titan liveabout has a great article written on just that, you can give that a look “here” and lastly if you are thinking of watching death note and wondering whether they are good or not, we have a great article written discussignt this very topic, you can give that a look “here

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