Zoro’s Bounty: All About Roronoa Zoro

320,000,000 Berries, Zoro’s bounty as of now is 320,000,000 Berries but it is bound to massively increase from this point after the Wano Arc which is the arc, in which many anticipate Zoro would finally be able to fight at his full strength and win against some powerful subordinates of Kaido

The bounty that Zoro has as of now was given to him after the Doflamingo arc where he defeated Pica, one of the crew mates of Doflamingo rather quite easily. This lead to him having a bounty of 320,000,00 after the arc ended. Down below is the relevant video when this bounty of his along with the other strawhats was revealed

Roronoa Zoro’s First Bounty

Zoro’s very first bounty that he got was 60,000,000 Berries. This was given to him after defeating Mr.1 on the Alabasta arc, he was one of the most formidable opponents that Zoro had ever faced. His devel fruit made his entire body of steel which was something that Zoro couldn’t cut at this point. They engaged in an overwhelming and bloody battle, in which most of the fight was dominated by Mr.1 but it was within the battle that Zoro evolved as a swordsman and taught himself how to cut steel and was able to win. The very first bounty of Zoro was bigger than that off Luffy whose first bounty was 30,000,000 Berries when the newly formed strawhats fought and won against Arlong and his crew and officially made Namie a part of their crew.

The way Zoro got to know of his very first bounty, and Luffy his second bounty at the time was quite dramatic. They came to know of this bounty increase in rather quite a dramatic way when they were on their way to Skypiea and whitebeard or Marshall D Teach along with his crew was trying to follow and capture them. Down below is the video attached of the occurrence. Down below is the relevant video to give you a glimpse of what happened

Moving on to Zoro’s Second Bounty

Zoro’s Second Bounty

120,000,000. The second time Zoro got his bounty was the time when everyone from the crew at the point got their bounties. This was in the Water 7 Arc when the strawhats went on to fight the CP9 and declared war against the world government to save ” Robin ” who was the newest member of their group as of the moment and had been captured. Whilst saving Robin, Zoro also played his part and fought and defeated Kaku who was one of the strongest members of CP9. This along with the havoc that the strawhats had caused together meant that there was meant to be a raise in their bounty and that is exactly what happened

This was the part of the anime where Zoro became the part of the supernovas who were the upcoming rookie pirates with a bounty of over 100,000,000 Berries. Moreover, It was during this Water 7 arc that Franky also got a bounty of 44,000,000 Berries which became one of the reasons of him joining the Strawhats

Zoro’s 3rd And Latest Bounty Uptil Now

320,000,000 Berries, this is the current bounty of Roronoa Zoro. The bounty that Zoro has as of now was given to him after the Doflamingo arc where he defeated Pica, one of the crew mates of Doflamingo rather quite easily. This lead to him having a bounty of 320,000,00 after the arc ended. This bounty is lesser than it should be because Zoro didn’t take part in the Whole Cake Island Arc and went to Wano along with a few of his crewmates. But this bounty is bound to immensely increase after the Wano arc, as Zoro will be playing a very big role in this arc as said by the author of One Piece himself

What Happened To Zoro’s Left Eye?

After the time skip, Zoro came out with a scar on his left eye along with the eye being closed, which made many wonder what had happened to his left eye. But as of now, there is no information about what happened to his left eye. And it is highly anticipated that it would be relevant to a power that Zoro gained during the time skip and whilst training with Dracule Mihawk.

Is Luffy Stronger Than Zoro?

Yes, and No,.This is a controversial topic to get into, as they are both quite strong and there has been no clear defined statement by the author nor anywhere in the anime series or the manga about who is stronger. They both started off as being equals, and the difference between their bounties is more due to the title that they have ( Like Luffy being the captain of the ship ) then their strength.

Is Zoro The Most Loyal Of The StrawHats?

Zoro is without a doubt quite loyal to the strawhats and is the oldest member of the crew. Despite all of them being loyal to the crew as of now, Zoro is often considered the most loyal of the strawhats due to his ideology of honor and his pride which adds something more than just talk to his dialogues. Moreover, he has tried to save Luffy and the crew multiple times even by putting his own life in clear danger. One of the scenes in which this was seen being done was when Kuma decided to kill Luffy, and Zoro interfered by offering to take his share of pain for himself, which was quite likely to kill him. But Zoro ended up surviving due to his extraordinary endurance and his will

Does Zoro Have Conquror’s Haki?

It is highly likely that Zoro possesses the conquerors Haki some point in the anime, but this hasn’t been shown until now in the anime series or the manga. He has nearly all the traits that most of the people who possess conquerors haki have. Moreover, this would further par the controversy of who being stronger Zoro or Luffy

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