Zoro And Luffy: All About This Amazing Duo

Zoro and Luffy is a duo that many in the animeverse praise. Zoro was the very first crew member of Luffy and has been on their journey from the very start. They were both quite strong from the very start from their series as they had both been training from long before for their journey that they intended to take. They both have a sense of pride and respect each other’s dreams and ambitions. They also hear to what the other person has to say when it comes to serious matters and respect their opinions when it comes to it.

Moreover, comparing their strength level concludes to anything because more time then not, from the very start they were shown as equally powerful people.  there has been no clear defined statement by the author nor anywhere in the anime series or the manga about who is stronger. The difference between their bounties is more due to the title that they have ( Like Luffy being the captain of the ship ) then their strength. And as far as the anime is shown, they have always been portrayed equal at more then one instance

 Zoro is also the one who at random instances keeps reminding Luffy of his Captain-ish duties when he has to. And the supposed way he should be acting. For instance, when Usopp left the crew and wanted to come back, Zoro was the one who stood up and said that it shouldnโ€™t be that easy to just leave and come back and reminded Luffy the way he should be acting

Luffy Meeting Roronoa Zoro For The First Time

Luffy left his home village after baring everyone he knew goodbye to start his pirate journey. He starts off his journey with a small boat. big enough to carry only 2 to 3 people and starting off his journey he declares that he would have a total of 10 crew members. He roams around the sea until he is mistakenly taken in by a pirate ship, this is where he meets Coby and become his friend. Luffy beats the Captain of this pirate ship and goes on the search of his first-team member ” Roronoa Zoro” who, he is told by Coby is a very strong Pirate hunter which entices Luffy to want him in his crew and make him his first member.

They reach the island together where the infamous “Roroana Zoro” and they find him imprisoned ( he becomes imprisoned fighting for a little girl as we later find out)

by an evil Navy Captain who terrorizes the whole island and misuses his power as a marine. Luffy helps Zoro become free from there on a condition that Zoro would be some of his crew members, which Zoro accepts saying that he doesn’t mind as long as his ambition of becoming the world’s strongest swordsman aren’t hindered. This is just in line with the aim of Luffy who himself wants to become the pirate king.

After gaining his very first crew member. They go on to defeat Captain Morgan who was ruling that town and then move on to the sea. As Luffy and Zoro go on to travel further on to the sea, they leave Coby behind who wants to become a marine admiral to join the marines on this very island. After leaving this island they are stuck onto another adventure where they are stuck on another adventure. Zoro being a man of his words has already decided to stay with Luffy for now and went on following him when unintentionally they end up parting ways temporarily.

Why Is Luffy And Zoro So Good Together?

They respect each other as friends as well as people with their ambitions, they have been on multiple adventures together and have saved each other’s lives mulitple times. And they plan on helping each other achieve their goal as far as they can.

Luffy Vs Zoro

Luffy and Zoro one time in the original storyline in the Arabasta arc, when Luffy wakes up to see that Zoro had beaten everyone who had treated them so good, this pisses him off. And without hearing the explanation that they were trying the trick the strawhats, Luffy starts attacking Zoro, thinking there could be no logical argument for beating people who had treated them so well. Luffy being irrational led Zoro to defend himself and then get pissed off too and then they just start fighting. Until Nami comes, hits and stops them, and tells Luffy of what was going on after which he starts laughing saying that Zoro should have told him sooner about the situation at hand

There are quite alot of funny scenes including both of them, some of the most memorable ones include Zoro’s impersonation, and Luffy flying and unintentionally hitting Zoro, down below are a few relevant videos

Do Luffy And Zoro Both Possess Conqueror’s Haki?

We have been shown that Luffy possesses the Conqueror’s Haki for quite a while now, and it is highly anticipated that Zoro also possesses Conqueror’s Haki but Zoro hasn’t been shown to use his full powers as of yet or his conqueror’s haki, many anticipate that he doesn’t have it yet but will develop it a bit further down their journey but for now Zoro hasn’t been shown to possess Conqueror’s Haki

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