Who Is The Strongest Hokage?

Well, this is a question that can start a controversy anywhere with Naruto fans sitting around. Many people come to have various different opinions on the subject matter, hence we were super careful in analyzing the power levels of the hokages involved and seeing through their abilities. But first lets start off by answering the question and then move on to listing all of them according to their powerlevels and skills.

The strongest Hokage as you might have guessed is “Naruto”, the protagonist of the anime series itself, followed by Hashirama. Naruto and Hashirama are often regarded as the strongest as distinguishing the power levels of one from the other can be quite tricky considering that both of them are freakishly strong and carried out some deeds that would have been impossible to carry out by nearly any other Ninja in the Ninja World

So now that we have answered the main question, now lets take a look into ranking the other Hokages and seeing the overall ranking of the Hokages

7. Kakashi Hatake

kakshi was one of the most loved characters in the series by many fans. He was one of the Konoha village’ elite Jonin and became the 6th Hokage after the end of the 4th Ninja War. Moreover, Kakashi was renowned throughout the ninja world as the copy ninja even in the very start of Naruto and was respected in the whole ninja world. The extent of his talent can be shown by the fact that he became a Jonin at a young age of 13.

Moreover, Kakashi end up losing the Sharingan when the 4th ninja war ended as both the sharingans, which was often considered the main source of his power. He lost his Sharingan when Obito died. And was only left with the 1000 jutus he had once copied. But there is still no doubt that he is one of the strongest ninjas of the show just not stronger than any of the other Hokage as all of them were more than just monstrously strong. Moving on to the second Hokage on this list and that is

6. Tsunade Senju

A valuable part of 3 legendary Sanin, she was shown as one of the most powerful women in the whole anime series second only to Kaguya the woman who was the final enemy in the 4th Ninja war. Tsunade was chosen as the 5th Hokage of the village and was one of the 3rd Hokage’s students. She was feared all over the Ninja world for her remarkable strength. Her strength made her capable to some extent to fight against ninjas like Madara. When the 5 kages fought madara, she played quite a prominent part in the actual battlefield, as she wasn’t only fighting but was also healing all of her comrades at the same time. Her special ability ” Chakra Enhanced Strength” was quite unique and was without a doubt one of the strongest jutsus controlled by the Ninjas in the ninja world

5. Tobirama Senju ( The 2nd Hokage )

The second Hokage and the brother of the first, he was one of the most intellectually credible people in the Ninja world. He went on to invent many popular jutsus like The infamous shadow clone jutsu, impure world reincarnation jutsu and even the flying Raijin Jutsu. He set up the Konoha academy and the police force. Moreover, he was the one who read his village to the First Great Ninja War, where he eventually ended up losing his life to Kinkaku And Ginkaku along while being attacked by 20 other S-class shinobi. So it goes without saying that he was one of the strongest ninjas that Konoha ever had

4. Hiruzen Sarutobi ( The 3rd Hokage )

The 3rd Hokage isn’t often given the respect he deserves by many of the fans. The power he had in his prime are reflected by the renowned names that he was given ‘The Professor’ and the ‘God of Shinobi’. Moreover, it is said that during his prime Hiruzen was stronger than any Hokage that came before him that includes Hashirama too. Unfortunately, not even a glimpse of his true power in his prime years is shown in the whole anime series which is a bummer as a lot of fans would have loved to see the true power of he was capable. But even when old, he wasn’t anything less from a beast and fought the first & the second Hokage along with Orochimaru, which ultimately lead to his death

On the other hand, the immense knowledge of the ninja world had brought him the title of “The Professor “. And he thought of the whole Konoha village as his own family which is without a doubt a sign of a great leader. And last but not the least, it was he who kept an eye on the early years of Naruto and molded his thinking in the early years of his life

3. Minato Namikaze ( The 4th Hokage )

The 4th Hokage, the favorite Hokage of many fans and the father of Naruto. he was known as the yellow flash due to his extremely powerful teleportation jutsu. He solely defeated thousands of enemies in the 3rd ninja war and his enemies were given the order of retreating as soon as they saw the yellow flash which means that his strength was acknowledged and respected throughout, even by his enemies. As the 4th Hokage, he was strong enough to fight Obito and Kurama all at once and that too whilst trying to protect the village. Though this ultimately leads to his and his wife’s death in the process. But there is no doubt that he deserves this position whatsoever

2. Hashirama Senju

Often said as the strongest of all the Hokages, Hashirama was without a doubt one of the strongest shinobis in the whole anime series. He was the founder of the Konoha village which we all grew to love so much. He was one of the very few shinobis who could face Madara Uchiha in a one on one fight. He was a shinobi with a mastery of all of the 5 nature transformations. But his specialty as might know was the wood release kekai genkai. The control on his power that he had was further advocated by the way he fought the 9tails and Madara at the same time. Moreover, his powers were further enhanced by his sage mode. And combining that with is wood release Justus would make him near impossible to defeat in his time.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Oof! Finally made it to the first stop. Who doesn’t know the protagonist of this amazing anime series? The first title and the title of being the strongest Hokage of all goes to none other than Naruto Uzumaki. He is often referred to be the strongest of all the kages that came before. Starting off as a weird orphan kid, he grows up to be a great ninja who protects not only his village but the whole of the ninja world in more than just one occasion. All of the jutsus that he learns throughout his journey keeps on evolving into the strongest ninja of his time with the only ninja capable of rivaling him being Sasuke Uchiha.

To elaborate the extent of his power during the 4th Ninja War, Naruto received half of the Sage of Six Paths’ powers, along with the chakra of the remaining Tailed Beasts, making him a pseudo-ten-tails Jinchūriki. And he only has grown mentally and matured as the power and responsibilities of being a Hokage are passed upon him. It would without a doubt be quite hard for even any coming Hokage to surpass him in the matters of strength

Span Of Hokages

HokageTime Span
Hashirama’3 to 5 years
TobiramaNearly 16 years
Hiruzen43 years
Minato2 years
Tsunade4 years
Kakashi18 years

Hopefully, this article was helpful in listing down the powers of all the Hokages and answering “Who Is The Strongest Hokage?” elaborately. If you want to look through an elaborate article about the death of Jiraiya, we have an article written on that too, so do give it a look too if you are interested in “How Does Jiraiya Die?”. Lastly, if you want a list of every Kage’s strength from another resource, screenrant has written a great article on that, so you can give it a look if you want “Naruto: Every Kage Ranked From Weakest To Strongest“. And stay tuned to cinephilespeaks for more interesting articles about your favorite characters and stories

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