What episode does Luffy use gear 2?

Luffy first uses his gear 2 in ep 272 against Blueno one of the cp9 members in the Ennies lobby arc. This is one of the most bad ass scenes in the entire anime where luffy declares that in order to protect his comrades he needs uses his 2nd gear. Nico robin ( One of the Strawhats) was taken by the members of CP9 . Luffy knowing their strength knew that he needs some extra ordinary power in order to defeat CP9’s leader. He had this ace up his sleeve from the start and used gear 2nd against bleuno and gear 3rd against their leader Rob Lucci

A Video Of The Moment When Luffy First Used Gear Second

The Context

Luffy sees Blueno at the top of the Courthouse, Luffy at this moment is down in a hole, not visible to Blueno trying to figure out what is happening. Soon, Luffy comes out from the hole, having been momentarily appaled by his face being turned into a door. Blueno resumes his attack, but Luffy continues to track him in spite of Soru, dodges a Shigan and manages to deflect a Rankyaku away from him. Luffy then declares that he can’t finish the fight in his current state. Explaining he needed a way to be stronger in order to protect his friends, he reveals a new technique he developed in order to take his abilities “one step” higher. He calls it “Gear Second”.

Whilst using his new technique his speed reaches a whole new level, to an extent where it Blueno can’t keep track of Luffy’s movements.

Moving on, Luffy absolutely destroyed Blueno easily who was a very strong opponent at that time which makes this scene one of the most breathtaking scene in the entire anime.

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When Does Luffy Use Gear 3?

Luffy first uses his 3rd gear in episode 288 against Rob Lucci. On the verge of death whilst fighting Rob Lucci, luffy uses the last ounce of his strength in order to finish Rob lucci. Rob Lucci was one of the strongest opponent luffy had faced until now. This fight is considered the best fight of the entire one piece by many throughout the One Piece fandom.

Later, luffy goes on to use gear 3rd on multiple occasions like in episode 403 where Luffy uses Gear Third to deliver the final blow to a Pacifista. Down below is a picture showing Luffy using Gear 3rd against Rob Lucci

A picture of Luffy using gear 3rd to better elaborate on "What episode does Luffy use gear 2?"

When Does Luffy Use Gear 4 ?

Luffy uses Gear Fourth for the first time in Episode 726 with the title: “Gear Fourth! The Phenomenal Boundman!”. Luffy casts off his sandals and activates Gear Fourth. His body changes with a ballooned torso covered with tribal like markings and coated with Busoshoku Haki. This form called Boundman, causes him to bounce constantly which he is unable to stop. Doflamingo laughs at the absurdity of Luffy’s new form questioning his bouncing, Luffy shortly afterwards punches him sending him flying through the town below the tower. The fight continues with the Shichibukai struggling to stay on even footing with ‘Straw hat’ and his new form.

What Episode Does Luffy Meet Sabo ?

After twelve years of assumed death, Luffy sees Sabo for the first timein Dressrosa. After twelve years of separation, when Sabo meets Luffy, the latter does not recognize him at first even challenging him after he states he won’t let him have Ace’s power.

Luffy meets sabo in the episode 663. After being seperated from sabo thinking sabo has died, Luffy after loosing his elder brother ace is finally able to meet his other brother after 12 years. This makes him cry a lot and he is happy and sad at the same time and sabo apologises for not being there when their brother was going to get executed by the navy HQ. Sabo thanked Luffy for surviving the Battle of Marineford and Sabo promises himself and luffy that he will protect Luffy from now on. He also told Rebecca and Bartolomeo that Luffy will be the future Pirate King showing that he, like his departed brother Ace, supports Luffy’s dream.

Sabo is also seen in the movie coming between the attack of Rob Lucci telling him not to interfere his brother’s fight.

When Does Luffy Use Gear 5 ?

Luffy has not used Gear 5 yet, but It is suspected there will be a Gear 5 accompanied by a Devil fruit awakening. Luffy however, uses a different type of power of gear 4th against the sweet general of the big mom piartes “Katakuri”.

The gears are not about leveling up luffy’s power unlike other anime characters like Goku of the dragon ball super. Luffy’s gears serve different purposes and no one is greater than the other. For Gear 2 Luffy increases his blood flow giving him much higher speed. With Gear 3 Luffy increases the mass of his bones giving him a far more strength. Gear 4 Boundman is a form between the two increasing muscle mass and utilizing Haki to reshape his body giving him increased speed and strength, though Less than Gear 2 or 3 alone, at the cost of tiring out quickly and not being able to use Observation Haki. Gear 4 Tankman has Luffy focus even more on Armament Haki use, turning his body into a stationary weapon. Tankman has more strength than Gear 3 but can’t move at all. And lastly, Gear 4 Snakeman increases Luffy’s Observation Haki use allowing him to create attacks that are increasingly difficult to react to as they constantly speed up. Snakeman sacrifices Armament Haki use and doesn’t get much of a strength increase to compensate.

What Episode Do Strawhats Reunite?

After being separated in the sabaody archipeology. The straw hats reunite in the episode 517. The crew members end up in various conflicts and scenarios, with even Nami and Usopp confronting an imposter Straw Hat crew. The Fake Straw Hats eventually, though unknowingly, meet Luffy when he bumps into his own impersonator, causing him to fall over and gain an resentment towards the young Pirate captain.

They were supposed to meet each other earlier but it was delayed by Luffy himself as he thought he would not be able to protect his friends as he is now and need to train and get more powerful in order to protect his nakama in the future. They after that meet each other and reunite with each other in style where luffy destroys a pacifista easily. It was one of the coolest scene of the entire anime.

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