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Shutter island is a novel that was written by Denis Lehane and came to the public eye in the year 2003. The book was highly appreciated in the novel-verse and realizing the potential of the content of this book an adaptation of this book into movie was also soon done with the movie being released in 2010. The head lead of the movie was none other then Leanardo D Caprio. The amazingness of this movie can be seen by the fact that it is rated an average of 8.2 stars from 1,098,886 votes which is not a short feat to achieve. Anyways coming back to the book, the author of the book ( Lehane ) intended to write a book that would be a tribute to  Gothic settings, B movies, and pulp. The author went on to describe the book as a mixture of  Brontë sisters and the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

A Bit About The Plot 

The story starts off from a U.S. Marshal Edward “Teddy” Daniels and his new partner, Chuck Aule who were on their way to Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane for the sake on investigating the disappearance of one of the patients. The patient/ prisoner in question was a woman named  Rachel Solando (who was incarcerated for drowning her three children). The escape from where she was being kept didn’t seem likely as she was kept under quite some surveillance and this is one of the aspects of the story that make it really interesting. Whilst looking through the room of Rachel, they find a secret code that tells them something about the 67th prisoner, this was a bit shocking as there were only supposed to be 66 prisoners as far as the records stated. Another thing to note at this point is that Teddy’s wife and children had been killed 2 years before by a man named Andrew who Teddy believed to be in this prison of a hospital.

A Video By Looper That Explains The Story

Teddy along with his partner also goes to Ward C of this hospital where drug-related experiments are being conducted on patients. This is where Teddy meets a prisoner named George Noyce, who advises Teddy that no one along with Teddy’s partner “Chuck” can be trusted on this island. On their way coming back from the ward, both of the partners are separated due to the terrible weather that suddenly overwhelms the island. This is when Teddy, finds a small cave to take refuge in temporarily, here he meets a woman who claims that she is Rachel Solando, the prisoner they had been looking for. She goes on to tell him that she was a Rachel Solando of the hospital but discovered the illegal experiments that were being done on this place, and this why she was also named insane and added in one of the prisons. But she managed to escape somehow from the prison

Rachel goes on to tell Teddy that everything from the cigarettes to the food is draped in drugs and tells him to be careful when it comes to these things. Afterwards, when Teddy goes back to the hospital and asks where his partner “Chuck”, he is told that he had come alone on this island and there is no person named chuck on the island as of the moment. He believes that Chuck is being experimented on the top of the lighthouse and runs there in a try to save his partner. But when he reaches the top, rather then being greeted by Chuck, he is greeted by Dr. Crawly who is the hospital administrator. The doctor then goes on to explaining that Teddy’s real name is Andrew and he himself is one of the prisoners of the island, who had come here after murdering his wife who had killed their children. Teddy, shocked to hear obviously refutes this

Teddy doesn’t believe what he is being told and grabs a nearby gun to shoot the doctor, but the gun isn’t anything more than just a water toy gun. Chuck then enters the lighthouse as is shown to actually be the psychiatrist of Teddy, who tells Teddy that this was all a treatment process that Teddy was going through. Teddy then finally accepts that he had indeed killed his wife and that this was all a mere delusion.

The Ending That Confuses Many

All of this was done as a last try to mentally stabilize him and avoid to have to give him a lobotomy which was what he was being scheduled to because of his behavior and the disturbances that he was causing in the prison. After all of this, Chuck approaches him the next day, hoping that Teddy would remember everything that had happened and that he knew the truth. But he acted as if he was still living in the illusion, which led chuck ( who was the official psychiatrist to give a green signal for a Lobotomy ) as he thought that there last attempt to stabilize Teddy wasn’t a success.

But while leaving Teddy says to chuck “ This island makes me wonder, which would be worse? to live as a monster, or die as a good man ” this is what confuses the ending for many people, as this completely changes the dynamics of the story revealing that Teddy was indeed mentally stable at this point and had decided by himself to act in a way that would show that he was still unstable, and then he goes on with the lobotomy

Ratings Of The Book

This book has a rating of 4.1 stars on Goodreads from a total of ‎160,722 votes, a rating of 3.9 on LibraryThing, And a rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon out of 1607 ratings, out of which 67% were 5 Stars. Here is an Amazon link to the book if you are interested “Link To Amazon

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