Shawshank Redemption Book: Is It Good?

Shawshank Redemption was a phenomenon of a movie as most of you might know. This phenomenal masterpiece was nominated to a total of 7 academy awards and earned a gross of $58.3 million, which advocates to the level of success that this movie achieved. For those of you who don’t know, Shawshank redemption was based on a 1984 novel of Stephen King named “Rita Hayworth And The Shawshank Redemption”. The book also saw phenomenal success like many of the other works of Stephen King and soon was signed to form a movie in the later years. In the book, the story of a prisoner named Andy is told by a another prisoner and Andy’s friend named “Red” who in the story states and explains to the reader as to the context of the whole story and how everything occured.

A Bit About The Plot ( Summary Of Shawshank Redemption )

The story takes place in 1948 in Maine where Andy Dufresne who is a banker is convicted of a double murder of his wife and her lover despite having pleaded non-guilty. To retariate for the supposed committed crime, he is sent to the  Shawshank State Penitentiary where he is to serve a double sentence. This is where he meets “Red” who is another prisoner, in jail for smuggling items and who also smuggled items from outside of the jail to inside. They soon become acquaintances, Andy after having spent some time talking with Red asks him to get him a rock hammer as he wanted to shape rocks to make small sculptures. He also then goes on to request a big poster of Rita Hayworth, which he goes on to hang over his wall in his cell. Time passes, and occasionally Andy asks Red of getting him some other posters like that of  Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch. Whenever asked about the actresses, he just gives off a reply like he likes to imagine being with these actresses when he sees the posters.

Another thing to note at this point is that Andy is often beaten by other prisoners. This keeps on happening occasionally with some intervals. Soon Andy along with some of the other inmates is appointed to tarr a roof, this is where he hears about the tax problems of a senior guard Byron Handly. Andy interrupts his talk by saying that he could help the senior guard in exchange for 3 bottles of beers. This later prompts to Andy becoming quite famous in the whole of prison for the tax he saved Byron and many of the other guards and prison Employees start seeking his help too.

Onwards, Andy is appointed to the library, where he keeps doing the financial paperwork for the prison staff. During this point, he also keeps on requesting funds for the expansion of the library over and over again. Due to his innate stubbornness, he is eventually able to expand the library’s book collection. This is around the time when a new warden named Norton shows up. The new warden is a corrupt man who earns money by making the prisoners work on slave wages which would knock the normal companies to become quite expensive for the contractors and hence increase his demand. Norton uses Andy to help with his illegal work and the money that he earns

It was around this time in the story when Andy hears about another prisoner who he thinks is the actual murderer of his wife and her lover. The information about this new man could possibly get Andy out of prison, but the warden couldn’t let this happen as this would stumble his already running smooth business. So he ends up punishing Andy by sending him to the solitary room for a total of 20 days with only some food and water.

When Andy comes out, he is told that the warden has relocated the probable murderer of his wife and her lover to a new prison and provided him with some privileges so that he doesn’t speak about the murder and so Andy stays with the warden, running his illegal system the way it is being run. Out of frustration, Andy states that he would stop helping the warden with the accounting and the money laundering of his illegal business, but then is threatened by the warden that he would be imprisoned again in the solitary confinement for 30 days, and all of the protection given to me will be taken away along with the expansion of the library undone. Hearing this Andy rationalizes and carries on with the work that he was doing for the jail warden.

Andy continues proceeding with the life of the prison in the normal manner for quite some years. it is told at this point in the story that before coming to prison Andy had sold all of his assets and had them transferred into the portland bank which was only a bit away from Shawshank. It is further stated that the paperwork to get those assets working and under one’s name is hidden under a rock along a wall lining, a hayfield, in the town of Buxton,

After spending 28 years in prison, Andy suddenly disappears from his cell. The prison guards search everywhere to find a hint of where he had gone but to no avail. it is revealed at this point that Andy had been using the stone hammer for 20 years to dig a hole to the outside world. The tunnel he made, connected to a sewage pipe that ran out to the open field. Coming out of the prison he makes himself scarce as soon as possible. Red still being in the prison goes on to continues his time in jail, he also receives a letter from Andy afterward showing that he was somewhere in Mexico and after 2 years Red is also released on Parole.

After being released from prison after 38 years, Red struggles to adapt to normal life. Red goes on to find the letter that Andy said to have hidden in Buxton. In this letter Red finds $1000 along with a note from Andy who invites him to come to Mexico where Andy is at. The story ends at this point when Red travels to where Andy is and meets him again

Some Differences Between The Book And The Movie Of Shaw Shank Redemption

  • The difference in appearance: The way in which Andy’s appearance is portrayed in the book and in the movie are quite different. In the book Andy is shown as a small guy who wears glasses. And Red is also portrayed as a white Irish man, this was quite different from what we saw on the big screen
  • Suicidal in the book: In the book, Andy is shown a bit suicidal near the start, but this is not portrayed in the movie anywhere
  • Guards: In the movie, most of the guards are some as when they were in the start, but this wasn’t the case in the book
  • The Poster: In the book, the warden tears the poster down angrily to find about Andy’s tunnel. In the movie, however, he is shown to through a rock at the poster angrily

Is Shawshank Redemption Book Better Than The Movie?

This is highly subjective and depends on a person and their personal bias. There are quite a lot of people who prefer the book on the movie and some the movie over the book. They both have their ups, like the in-depth detail of everything by Stephen King himself, and excellent acting and build-up of the movie. So there is no one answer to this question as both of them have been regarded as more than just good

How many pages is Shawshank Redemption Book?

527 is the total number of pages of the Shawshank Redemption Book

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering some questions that you might have had, about the Shawshank redemption book. If you like James Bond and want to go through an article on James Bond books, we have a great article written on just that too, so do give it a look if you are interested “James Bond Books: All About Them

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