Sanji’s Bounty: All About The Cook Of The Ship

330,000,000 Berries , is the current bounty of Vinsmoke Sanji, he got this bounty after having fought off big mom and his crew along with escaping from there alive. Another factor that played a role on this bounty of his was his surname “Vinsmoke” which is a very wanted family in the eyes of the world government which is one of the reasons that make Sanji not satisfied from his bounty. Oda, the author of One Piece has always gave a comic end when it comes to the bounties of Sanji and has been pulling this off in different ways either by giving him weird images on the wanted posters or in like this one using his surname to downplay and make his bounty a disappointment to him again.

Sanji was one of the very first members of the strawhats and has a dream of seeing the all blue, and all along travels on the ship as the cook of the ship. He along with the other member of the strawhats has gained quite a few skills during his training for the two years and all of his power has not yet been revealed.

Sanji’s First Bounty

77,000,000 Berries. Sanji’s very first bounty was after the Water 7 arc after the strawhats had went and declared war on the whole of world government and defeated CP9 in order to save Robin after she had been captured. He fought and defeated Jabra who was one of the strongest members of CP9. He defeated him in a fierce battle and this was where he also showed his new power “Diable Jambe” for the very first time. The fun part about his first bounty was the image that was put on it, it was hand-drawn image, and the only hand-drawn image from all of the group, which had made him devastated.

This even led to a very interesting set of episodes later in the group when a person who looked like the hand-drawn image of Sanji had been mistaken by the marines for being Snaji which had literally made his life miserable. Sanji was quite pissed when he found about this so he gave the man “imposter” a completely new look by kicking and restricting his face’s bones. .. There were quite a few other funny scenes too revolving around the bounty image of Sanji, like Ivankov not realizing him as one of the strawhats. Anyways down below is the scene fro when Sanji along with some of the other strawhats got his first bounty

Sanji’s Second Bounty

177,000,000 Berries, Sanji got his second bounty after the time skip ( two years of training ). He had become quite stronger than he originally was as he had been training in the Kambakka island for two years. Anyways, he got his second bounty after the Doflamingo arc where he played his role quite vividly in tumbling down the don Quixote family. They had gone to the Fishman Island and Punk Hazard before that but both of those places didn’t strike for a bounty rise as the strawhats weren’t actually doing much at that time in the eyes of the government. Oda had continued the legacy about funny wanted posters of Sanji as on this one, though it wasn’t a hand made drawing, little hearts were popping out of his eyes while he was running around. And it was an all in all another wanted poster that pissed Sanji off again.

But this time there was another thing surprising about the wanted poster and that was that Sanji’s was the only one with ” Only Alive ” written on it which was due to him being a son of Vinsmoke and because his father who was the founder of Germa wanted him to marry Pudding so that he could form an alliance with the Big Mom Pirates. This was what led to him being captured and being forced to marry Pudding. And this was basically what had led to the whole ” Whole Cake Island Arc ” in the first place. Down below is a video when the second bounty of Sanji along with other Strawhats was revealed

Sanji’s 3rd Bounty

330,000,000 Berries, this is the latest bounty of Sanji as of now but it is bound to increase after the Wano arc as the strawhats would have somehow managed to defeat a Yonko ( Kaido ) by then. The increase on his bounty from this bounty would depend on whom he will be fighting and the role he will be playing in this arc, which is still not completely known as of yet. Anyways, he got this bounty after having fought off big mom and his crew along with escaping from there alive. Another factor that played a role on this bounty of his was his surname “Vinsmoke” which is a very wanted family in the eyes of the world government which is one of the reasons that make Sanji not satisfied from his bounty

Sanji’s Family

Sanji is the 3rd son of the Vinsmoke family which is quite notorious for its devious deeds all around the New World. Sanji had run off from his family at the age of 8 years old and then started working with the floating restaurant Baratte, this was where he truly learned to be a cook. Now let’s look at the whole Vismoke family and who it consisted of

  • Vinsmoke Judge (Father)
  • Vinsmoke Sora (Mother; deceased)
  • Vinsmoke Reiju (Eldest child and only daughter)
  • Vinsmoke Ichiji (Eldest son)
  • Vinsmoke Niji (Second son)
  • Sanji (Third son; who left twice and disavowed his surname)
  • Vinsmoke Yonji (Youngest son)

Why Did Sanji Leave The Strawhat Crew?

Sanji had to leave the strawhat crew as he was threatened by Begge that if he didn’t come with him his old friends ( the chefs he considered family ) along with Zeff ( the captain of the Barette restaurant who was a father-like figure to Sanji ) would be killed

Sanji’s Raid Suit

This is a special suit created by the Vinsmoke family, it has special powers, one of the special powers of this suit is that it goes invisible when the user of this suits wants to go invisible and is quite fast along with coming with boost boots that help you fly. Sanji has recently started using his raid suit in the Wano arc and uses it under the disguised name of ” Soba Mask “. Down below are two videos when Sanji is using his raid suit

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