Roronoa Zoro’s Age: One Piece World

21 Years Old, after the 2 years of training that all of the strawhats went through, otherwise referred to as the time skip, Zoro is 21 years old. Before the timeskip, however, he was 19 years old. It is estimated that the strawhats have been traveling for over 6 to 7 months after the time to be at where they are in the Wano arc. And during this period they have gone through the ” Dressrosa Arc ” and ” The Whole Cake Island Arc ” now running around in the Wanro arc trying to defeat Kaido.

Moving back a bit in the timeline of One Piece, Zoro was the very first official member of the strawhats and is often considered to be the most loyal member of the crew. Though everybody now, in the strawhats, without a doubt have linked with their lives to these journeys and finding the One Piece so there is isn’t a single one in the strawhats that is loyal to the crew. But one of the things that separates Zoro is the way he stands up for his belief and goes on to make sacrifices for his crew, like standing in front of Kuma and taking in all of the pain that Luffy had accumulated in the past few battles, knowing full well that this could possibly kill him. And he is also the one who at random instances keep reminding Luffy of his Captain-ish duties when he has to. And the supposed way he should be acting. For instance, when Usopp left the crew and wanted to come back, Zoro was the one who stood up and said that it shouldn’t be that easy to just leave and come back and reminded Luffy the way he should be acting

Zoro’s Childhood

The very early of his childhood is something that One Piece don’t know about as of now, the earliest of his childhood that we are shown of him as a haughty little kid who goes on to challenge a whole dojo, claiming that he will take down all of the members of the dojo. This dojo is owned by Koushirou who has a daughter a bit older than Zoro named Kuina, who is not only very talented but is talented enough to beat everyone from the children to the grownups in the dojo. On receiving Zoro’s claim to be here to defeat the strongest people in this dojo. Koushirou calls out his daughter, who then goes on to fight the kid Zoro, and utterly defeat him. Getting easily defeated by Kuina determines Zoro to become strong enough to challenge her again and beat her

So, he starts training hard as a kid in a way to close the distance between Kuina and him. But he never managed to beat her even once throughout the time of his immense training, this would further piss him off and make him train harder as this was a goal that he was dead set to achieve

He then even goes on to challenge her with a real sword fight one on one, which he also goes on to lose, but this is where Kuina tells him about how she wants to be the strongest swordsman in the world and starts crying after telling him how, becuase she was growing as a woman and that it was her fate to not be able to achieve her dream of becoming the greatest swordsman on the Earth. And This is where they promise each other that it will be either one of the two who will become the strongest swordsman and they will compete to see who gets the honor.

But it was soon after this promise, that Kuina died after falling downstairs, which is rather weird in the One Piece world, but that is what was shown in the anime series, and it was after her death, that Zoro started training even harder and became even more apt on the idea of becoming the strongest swordsman. Zoro trained for 8 consistent years after the death of Kuina and then finally left to achieve his dream. It was soon after this that he went on to challenge pirates and defeated them to get the famous name of ” Pirate Hunter Zoro “, and it was at this time after he had fought off many pirates and build up his name that he meets Luffy and then joins his crew

Roronoa Zoro’s Height

181 cm (5’11”) is Zoro’s height after timeskip, before timeskip it was 178 cm (5’10”) which means that he gained an inch in height during his training period

Zoro’s Personality

Zoro’s a prideful guy who has a clear mindset as to what he wants to achieve and how he wants to achieve it. He also is quite honorable when it comes to moments like fighting like a man and respecting the opponent he fights. He is dead set on his principles and manages to work a long with them. He is super loyal to the Strawhats and accepts that it wouldn’t be worth becoming the greatest swordsman if not done in the right and honorable way. These claims are supported by some of his statments like ” What good of a swordsman will i be if i can’t even save my captain “, a statement he made whilst fighting Kuma and defending Luffy from being taken

Can Zoro Open His Left Eye After The Time Skip

We haven’t been told anything about the left eye of Zoro as of now, and many believe that within itself in conceals a special power that is yet to be revealed as Zoro goes on to fight stronger people who will put him on edge. Many expect that they will be able to see what the left eye of Zoro has to offer in the Wano arc that’s going on, but the fanbase hasn’t been told anything about it as of now in the series

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