One Piece Ending: What Will Happen?

There will be a big war at the end of One Piece after the strawhats have discovered the secrets of the void century and all of the other mysteries that have been laid in the One Piece Universe. Though the main aspects of this war are unknown, the war itself has is been foreshadowed by the anime series as well by the author of One Piece ( Oda ) himself. The strawhats, being the protagonists of One Piece are without a doubt bound to play a very big role in this arc, and many believe this arc will change the map of the One Piece World as it stands. One very interesting thing to note at this point is that Oda ( the author of One Piece ) has the ending of One Piece dead set in his mind for years now and he seems to stay that the ending is nowhere but in his mind as of now

An Interview Of Oda In 2016

The ending of One Piece is a highly debated topic but despite what we or anybody else says, no one exactly knows how this mega anime series would come to a halt, there are quite a few theories as to how things will unravel but no one can actually knows how this anime series will end except the author ofcourse. But we do know some things that are bound to be done before the ending of OnePiece, lets look into those things one by one

  • Luffy will become the pirate king and the straw hats will get to know about the void century and all of the evil that actually runs in the One Piece Universe
  • Zoro will become the strongest swordsman and accompany Luffy in his dream of becoming the pirate king
  • Sanji along with the strawhats will discover the All blue,
  • Nami will make the map of the entire world before or after the final war
  • Robin will discover the history behind everything and will be the main translator for the strawhats
  • Chopper and Franky will be the ship’s doctor and shipwright till the very end of One Piece, and Brook will get a chance of meeting Laboon on their journey back
  • And last but not the least, Usopp would have become a brave warrior of the seas, hopefully.

Finding The One Piece

This is the act that will make Luffy the king of the pirates, and it is speculated, this is where they will figure out about the history of the void century and everything that the One Piece world is hiding, there is also a very strong chance that One Piece is more than just some treasure and some sort of an ancient weapon, this is unlikely but there are quite a lot of theories revolving around the anime series, so one just cannot be sure, but one thing is for sure, that the strawhats won’t be finding One Piece in a conventional way and there would be a heck of a lot of revoc after they actually do find it, some fans even speculate that they won’t be the first one to find it, as there might be a whole new twist in the end. But we will only have to find that out ourselves.

The Ship Of The Pirate King

It is believed that the thousand sunny will be the final ship of strawhats as they will do all of their adventures through this ship. This is further supported by the fact that Franky is always there to help the ship if a problem arises and it is without a doubt way more advanced then their previous ship ” The Going Merry “ whose departure is considered to be one of the most emotional moments of One Piece

Death Of Monkey D. Luffy

This is merely a theory but many from the fanbase believe that Luffy will die at the end of One Piece, if not in the similar fashion then that of Gol D. Roger, then in a manner that has the same level of impact on the coming direction. Gol D Roger died because he was infected with an incurable disease and died off hoping that his legacy will be carried forward by someone else, ” the one that he will be waiting for ” as said by WhiteBeard. This also however means that Luffy will finish of what was started and along with the support of the alliances that he has and is building on in his journey, and ofcourse the revolutionary army ( which by the way consists of his father and his brother, Sabo ) change the whole spectrum of the world.

Another thing to remember is that Luffy did bid off 10 years of his life in Impel Down to be treated by Ivankov when he was nearly already dead, and don’t forget the gear second that he uses also has a detrimental effect on his health, though Luffy took care of most of it during his 2 years of training, but still it is bound to have had an impact on his total life span. These are some of the ways that many fans speculate that Oda foreshadows the early death of Monkey D. Luffy but nonethless he will be able to move forward the legacy of Gol D Roger to some extent before he dies, the only thing is how and how big of an impact will Luffy have, which we will only find out in time

One Of The Strawhats Will Die Before The End Of One Piece

It was stated in an interview in 2017 that one of the Strawhats will die before the end of One Piece by Oda, but there is no authenticity to this news though this news has been quite hyped by many of the fans out there but one can never be sure about these things especially when it comes to One Piece as even the author ( Oda ) is popular of misinforming some aspects which he later goes on to contradict himself like the timelines he predicted

The Revolutionary Army And The End Of One Piece

The revolutionary army consists of Luffy’s Father ” Monkey D. Dragon ” and his brother ” Sabo “. The anime has foreshadowed quite a lot the huge part that they will be playing at the end of the anime series. Though Luffy is yet to meet his father, there is no doubt to the fact that would be an epic moment within itself and that Dragon, the leader of the revolutionary army which is already trying to expose the world government and show the reality of the world government to the world will be playing a huge part in it. It is believed that both the strawhats, their alliance and the revolutionary army will join hands at the last war to fight off the world government

Coby In The End

It is also believed by many fans that despite his ambition of becoming an admiral, once he is told of the truth behind the world government and what it hides and advocates, he too will join hands with Luffy in the final battle, but this is just a fanbase theory and has no authenticity to it at least

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