Neferpitou’s Gender: All About This Royal Guard

Neferptiou ( Pitou ) is a male character he was drawn as male in the manga is referred by “Sir” throughout the anime and even the author of Hunter X Hunter has Togashi declared him as being male ( though there is no authentic source for Togashi himself saying Pitou to be a man ). The confusion often arises due to him being a bit feminine looking in the anime, but he is without a doubt a male character and quite a dominating one at that.

Neferpitou is one of the three royal guards of Meruem and was shown quite powerful in the beginning of the chimera ants arc, he was the one who killed Kite, the then teacher of Killua and Gon with quite some ease and just a single stroke, this is what eventually led to their epic battle and to Gon sacrificing his life source and use of nen for the sake of avenging Kite, but fortunately due to the help of Killua’s sister he was saved nonetheless.


Neferpitou’s appearance can be best described as a humanoid cat, he has cat-like 2 apparent ears that are very sharp at hearing and even twitch from time to time. He also has a long tail on his back that completes his look as that of a cat. Moreover, he is always seen wearing a blue coat with a total of 6 yellow buttons. Moving on to his hair, his hair was white and he had ruby eyes as can be seen in the picture. He loved to experiment and play with the opponent as far along as he possibly could


He was a strong-willed and determined chimera ant who could do anything for the king. He had a cruel personality when it came to humans and couldn’t care less about killing them. He was the one who gruesomely killed Kite and then went on to experiment on him for quite a while even turning him into a lifeless puppet who would fight anyone who would go near him. Pitou loved to fight strong opponents, but nothing prevailed her royalty towards Meruem. Pitou was the one who went on to save her life just for the sake of the king when the rest of the two royal guards voted against it, but Pitou only wanted what the king wanted and couldn’t care less for the personal bias

Pitou’s nen type was specialist which made him a specialist which means that he had a unique ability that couldn’t fit into the other 5 types of the nen spectrum.

Neferpitou’s Powers included doctor blythe, Terpsichora, puppeteering, the basic crux of his powers were was controlling and manipulating stuff, either his own body, or the body of other people, this could be in a way to enhance them, make them do wierd things like flying and even heal them as seen in the case with Komugi.

Is Pitou The Strongest Of The Three Royal Guards?

Yes, Pitou is without a doubt the strongest of the three royal guards, this was also mentioned in the manga when Illumi explicictly said that Pitou was the strongest of the three royal guards. His ren was said to be way more malcious than that of Illumi and Hisoka. He was without a doubt one of the strongest characters shown in the anime and only a mere few surpassed his power level. Remember, he killed off Kite with quite ease, and Kite was an experienced strong hunter and a student of Ging. So there is no doubt to the fact that Pitou was immensely powerful and only a few poeple wold have been able to defeat him in a one on one fight. Down below is a video attached of the scene when Pitou killed off Kite

How Did Pitou Die?

Pitou was killed by Gon in a phenomenal fight. The fight took place when Gon was told by Pitou that Kite was dead. This completely overwhelmed Gon with emotions and who wholly believed that Kite could still be saved. Hearing this, he was full of intent to kill Pitou and avenge Kite and didn’t care about anything else. Realizing that he wasn’t able to kill Pitou at his current power level, he traded off all of his life source which would mean certain death, along with the ability to use nen for power to get tremendous power temporarily, which he would have gotten after years and years of training. But as he didn’t care about anything else then avenging Kite at the moment he had decided to lay his life for this very purpose and kill Pitou with the surge of power that he will get for forsaking his life and giving up his be powers.

But before actually killing Pitou, he asks for Pitou to come outside of the castle where Kite was as he didn’t want it to get destroyed. Pitou was quite overwhelmed by the amount of aura coming out of Gon and believed that he had reached the power level of Meruem( King ). While following Gon out of the castle, Pitou tried to sneak in an attack to kill Gon, which Gon easily evaded thanks to his newly gained power. Dodging the attack, Gon kicks Pitou up in the sky and smashes her with Jajanken the moment she comes down.Steam Community :: :: Gon dodges Pitou

This is followed by a complete rampage of punches to Pitou, and this is where Pitou loses his conscious and dies satisfied that he had Gon wouldn’t be harming the King ( Meruem) and was fully focused on him.

It was at this point while Gone was punching through the now dead body of Pitou, that Killua arrives to the scene. Killua is shocked seeing Gon in this new powerful form and suddenly worries about him as he wonders what he would have given up to get such power in such a short amount of time. It was at this time when Gon looked and was talking to Killua a bit when the now dead body of Pitou used the last bit of its strength as a reflex whilst using ( Terpsichora ) for a final attack towards Gon in trying to kill him. Killua saw this attack coming towards Gon and pushed Gon, saving his life, but Gon lost his right arm to this attack of Pitou. Gon didn’t seem to be phased by the loss of his arm and instead jumped up caught his right arm by his left arm and used his cut-off arm for piercing through what was left of Pitou’s body.

While the right arm stuck through the chest of Pitou’s dead body, Gon prepared for a final extreme Jajanken towards Pito and completely destroyed everything around along with whatever was left of Pitou.

What Episode Does Pitou Dies?

Pitou dies in episode 131 of the anime Hunter X Hunter 2011

Was Pitou Stronger Than Meruem?

Though Pitou is considered to be the strongest of the three royal guards, he still wasn’t nearly as strong as Meruem, and he knew this the very first time they met. Besides, Pitou was immensely loyal to Meruem and never could have even thought of going against the king

Pitou’s First Apppearence

Pitou was first shown in the anime on episode 78 and in the manga in chapter 84

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