Nami’s Bounty: All About The Ships Navigator

66,000,000 Berries, Nami’s bounty as of this moment is 66,000,000 which was increased after the ” Dressroasa Arc ” where the strawhats defeated Doflamingo and his crew. Who themselves were playing quite a vital role in some of the plans being made in the New World. This ultimately gave a boost the bounty of all of the strawhats, including Nami ofcourse, Nami as always wasn’t too fond of seeing her bounty increase as she sees these bounties as a mere burden as more and more people come after people with higher bounties.

A Picture of Nami's Bounty

Anyways, the bounty of Nami is without a doubt bound to increase after the Wano arc as she is bound to play a vital role in this arc, Moreover, she now also possess the power of Zeus and was also present in the Whole Cake Island Arc, so many anticipate that the next jump of bounty would be a big one for Nami.

Nami’s First Bounty

16,000,000 Berries was the very first bounty of Nami, this was given to her when after the Water 7 arc where the strawhats had gone to save Robin and on their way declared war on the world Government. This was the arc where the strawhats defeated CP9 and Nami also played her part in this arc by defeating Khalifa who was a strong opponent and had the power of a devil fruit, but Nami did manage to somehow defeat this woman. Nami was rather surprised at seeing her bounty as she didn’t want a bounty for herself as this would mean that the world government recognizes her as a threat and that her life would be in danger as the marines as well as the pirate hunters will be after her. And this was also where the joke about Sanji’s bounty got a start which still goes on to this day. Ane when Luffy and where Luffy and Zoro crossed the 100,000,000 Berry mark and became the part of the worst generation

Nami’s Age

ve20 Years, Nami was 18 when she was first shown on One Piece and after the time skip is now 20 years old.

Nami’s Height

170 cm (5’7″), Nami’s height was 169 cm (5’6½”) before the time skip and it has grown have an inch to an even 170 centimeters now

Nami’s Initial Encounters With The Strawhats

Nami was the 3rd person to join the strawhats, but at this time, she wasn’t much sure about joining them as a pirate named Arlong had his town hostage, and she wanted to pay him to leave them off. Nami first met Luffy and Zoro in the oraage town arc where they defeated ” Buggy The Clown ” , they went on to travel together for a few more adventures and this was where they recruited Sanji and Usopp on the way. After this, she was reminded of the threat that lied at her home village and she decided to go back and leave the strawhats so that she could set her village free from Arlong, who was just tricking her all along, seeing what had happened, Luffy and the other strawhats went to her home island fought off the Arlong pirates and freed her them from their oppression,

This was finally when Nami became the official navigator of the Strawhats leaving her village behind in a dream of making a map of the whole “One Piece world” during their adventures

The Final Clip Of Nami Leaving Her Home Town

Nami’s Personality

Nami’s serious about her profession as a navigator and her talents for navigation were realized from her very early age when Arlong first saw her drawings and was impressed and then forced her to become his navigator. His backstory had made her a bit greedy as she was always after stealing money and still is fond of money and lights up every time there is a mention of it. She is also quite bossy and can be aggressive towards the other members of the strawhats, she is often seen directing them as to what to do, and the strawhats do share respect for her as a navigator.

She also isn’t afraid to show when she is afraid, but recently after the time-skip, she has without a doubt become more powerful and even attacked Big Mom on more than one occasion when it came to it. But nonetheless, she is still the same old navigator girl who lights every time there is a mention of money

What Is The Name Of The Nami Arc?

The name of the Nami’s arc where the strawhats defeat the Arlong pirates and save the hometown of Nami is ” Arlong Park Arc “. It was after this very arc that Luffy got his first bounty of 30,000,000 Berries, he got this bounty after defeating Arlong who himself was worth 20,000,000 Berries in a very long fight. Beforehand, he had already defeated Don Krieg whose bounty was 17,000,000 Berries, and Buggy the clown whose bounty was 15,000,000 Berries. All of these wins of his ware analyzed by the marine to give him his first bounty of 30,000,000 Berries. And to give you a perspective, the average bounty of the region of East Blue was 3,000,000 Berries.

When Does Nami First Appear In One Piece?

The 1st Episode, Nami appears in the very first episode of the anime series and chapter 8 of the manga

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