Luffy’s Age: All About The Future King Of The Pirates

Luffy is 19 years old as of this moment in the series that is after the time skip and was 17 years old pre-time-skip. But this was when they first met at Sabody island after training for 2 years, they have had quite a few adventures on the way like, Fishman Island, Punk Hazard, Dressrosa arc ( Doflamingo and his crew ), The Whole cake island arc ( Where they rescued Sanji from Big Mom ) and now the Wano arc that’s going on. This can be estimated to be around 6 to 7 months in One Piece time

The First Seven Years Of Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy was born in the Foosha village in the east blue. Here he was taken care of by his grandfather, who we later come to know is a very renowned Vice-Admiral of Marine. His grandfather took care of him the first 7 years of his life. His Grandfather was rather quite rough and wanted to raise his grandchild as a strong Marine. So to make him strong, his grandfather rose him in quite a wild way like making him fight monkeys, throwing him in the woods for week on ends, tieing him to balloons, and letting him fly with them.

Then once while his grandpa was away and Luffy was 6 years old, a famous pirate group “The Red-Haired Pirates” led by Shanks as Captain of the crew came to the Foosha village. During this stay of the red-haired pirates in the Foosha village, Luffy becomes very fond of them and hears lots of stories about the adventures they have had. This aspires Luffy to look at pirates as free people who run and go on crazy adventures. This is the part where Luffy decides to become a pirate. And he declares this very open on many ends.

Another very important point to note here is that Luffy eats a strange fruit that belonged to the red hair pirates. This was the Gomu Gomu Devil fruit. Which gave Luffy the abilities of a rubber man.

After this incident, whilst parting ways with shanks, shanks gives Luffy his straw hat and asks him to give it back once he has become a great pirate himself and that is when they part ways.

Ace, Luffy And Sabo’s Childhood And Timeline

Some time passes along and Luffy’s Grandpa “Garp” who has been rasing him uptil now gives him off to live with some moutain bandits on the to live with them as he says that he would visit them whenever he gets time. Along with the mountain bandits there is another kid, named Ace, 3 years older than Luffy ( Who we later find is the son of Gol D. Roger ). Luffy and Ace don’t get along at first but soon become friends

They also have another friend named Sabo who belonged to a noble family but roamed around with them all day and night. The three of them went on hunting as well as adventures together. They became very close friends and fought off quite a few battles together as kids. And one day they decided to make a pact of becoming brothers by drinking Sake which they did. After that they actually thought of each others as brothers and kept on doing adventures

While having their many adventures all of them decide to become pirates. But the pressure from the noble family of Sabo often led to him getting beat and running away. This led to him leaving the group to become a pirate and running away, but whilst he is running away to become a pirate alone without his 2 brothers due to the complications with his family. He is shot by a canon and his ship sinks and he apparently dies at that point ( We are only told later in the story that Sabo is still alive )

After hearing about the death of Sabo, both Ace and Luffy cry their hearts out and don’t know what to do, they promise to each other that they won’t be sad and would continue on to become pirates. They decided that both of them would leave to start their pirate journey at the age 17. They went on adventures and trained together till then. Ace being 2 years older than Luffy, became 17 when Luffy was 15 and left alone on a ship to start his pirate journey. This is where Luffy and Ace part ways, they promise each other that the next time they meet both of them will be renowned pirates. Luffy stayed behind for 2 more years training himself to become strong and soon when he becomes 17, his pirate journey also starts.

Afterwards, they went on to their adventures for over half an year and then they were saparated in the Sabody island from where the timeskip started off

What Is Luffy’s Height?

174 cm (5’8½”), Luffy was 172 cm (5’7¾”) pre-time-skip and then his height was increased by nearly an inch and is now 174 cm (5’8½”)

What Type Of Devil Fruit Powers Does Luffy Have?

Luffy ate teh Gum Gum No Mi, which made him a rubberman, this is a paramecia type devil fruit, these are the most common type of devil fruits and grant a very diverse range of powers to whoever who eats them

Luffy’s Birthday

Luffy’s birthday is on 5th of May and is often celebrated by many fans all around the world who have enjoyed his journey all along

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