Luffy And Shanks: All About Them

Luffy and Shanks from the One Piece world have quite a unique relationship. Luffy was only 6 years old when he first saw Shanks and his crew who had come to his home island as a part of their adventures.

Luffy becomes very fond of them and hears lots of stories about there adventures they have had. This aspires Luffy to look at pirates as free people who run and go on crazy adventures. This is the part where Luffy decides to become a pirate. And he declares this very openly on many ends. But the crew members often just tease him that a wimpy kid like him could never become a pirate. Luffy even cuts himself with a knife just below his eye to show how determined he is. Down below is a video showing that scene along with how well fluffy got along with this pirate group

Luffy Taken Hostage

While on red-haired pirates stay in the village, they encounter some mountain bandits who weren’t pleased to find out that all of the alcohol in the pub that they wanted to drink at had finished due to the red-haired pirates. This pisses the boss of the bandits off, who then tend to boast about his 8 Million Berri bounty and throw Sake that Shanks had offered him on his way while breaking the bottle. Then he goes on to throw and break a bit more stuff, before leaving and declaring them cowards. After they leave, Shanks and his crew start laughing at what had happened, which really pisses Luffy off, who wanted them to fight off the bandits. Luffy asks Shanks angrily why he didn’t fight the bandits, to which he responds by saying, ” I understand your feelings, but all they did was spill some Sake ( Alcohol, it’s nothing to get angry over )

It was after this rampage that Luffy sees some fruit in a box and eats it angrily without knowing that it is a devil fruit This was the Gomu Gomu Devil fruit. Which gave Luffy the very abilities of a rubber man. The red hair pirates had found one whilst on their adventures and Luffy eats the mystical fruit mistakenly. Which gives his body rubber-like properties

After having eaten the fruit, Luffy himself is shocked by the weird behavior that his body behaves and becomes sad at the fact that he won’t be able to swim for the rest of his life. After a while, when the red-haired pirates are getting ready to leave Luffy’s home village, the bandits come again to the pub where they find Luffy who tries to fight them out of his anger for the previous incident. The leader of the bandits gets angry at him and takes him out and gets his mind ready to kill the child Luffy.

Luffy is saved from being killed at this moment by the Shanks and his crew, but the leader of the crew manage to run away along with Luffy, the bandit leader then goes on to take him to see on a boat and throw him into the sea knowing that having eaten the devil fruit, he won’t be able to swim and would drown and die.

The moment when Luffy is thrown and trying to struggle in the water, a sea monster appears out of nowhere and starts charging towards Luffy to devour him, this is when Shanks jump in and rushes to save Luffy, in which he succeeds. But he ends up losing his arm in the process. Seeing that Shanks has a lot his arm, Luffy starts crying profusely.

Shanks Giving His Hat To Luffy

At the time of finally leaving the home village of Luffy, Luffy declares that he will not ask Shanks to take him along with them and that he has decided to become a pirate himself,

A picture of Shanks giving his hat to Luffy to better elaborate Shanks And Luffy

he then declares that he will make a pirate crew of his own that will be stronger than that of Shanks and will become the Pirate King. After hearing this, Shanks gives him his hat and says ” I’ll let you take care of this hat, it’s very important to me, take good care of it, and return it to me after you have become a great pirate, it’s a promise, Luffy “

Shanks & Luffy’s Relationship

Luffy aspired to be free like shanks and both of them considered each other as their friends. As Shanks says while saving Luffy “. I don’t care if you throw alcohol at me, but the moment you decide on hurting a friend of mine, you will have to pay “, Shanks trusts Luffy to be a part of the future that Shanks looks forward to, as he entrusts him to be in line with the vision he seeks.

Shanks Debut

Shanks debuted in episode 4 of the anime series and has been shown on and off overall in the series, he was shown to have become one of the 4 yonkos of the sea, which translates to be the top 4 most influential and powerful pirates of the sea, he without a doubt possesses immense power but the extent of his power has not been shown now. Only gists of the power that he possesses have been shown like he was the one who stopped the Paramount war at Marineford and challenged everyone who wanted to fight any more that he will be the one that they will have to fight.

Shanks also keeps a lookout for how Luffy is doing and sudden instances of his reaction on what he has been up to are often, for instance down below is his reaction to seeing the 1.5 Billion Berri bounty on Luffy’s head

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