Luffy And Nami: The Captain And The Navigator

Luffy and Nami have a very platonic relationship that is loved and appreciated by many in the OnePiece Fandom. Luffy respects Nami’s skills wholeheartedly and trusts her completely when it comes to navigating their routes. Whereas, Nami admires the simplistic pure beliefs that Luffy sticks to and respects his dream of becoming the king of the pirates. Both of them along with the other members of the straw hats truly value each other’s friendship and add value to whatever extent they can.

Nami And Luffy Meeting For The First Time

Luffy and Nami first met in a rather unique way in Orange Town. Luffy fell falling down from the sky whilst Nami was being chased by some pirates for stealing their money.

The two along with Zoro went on to join hands to defeat the Buggy Pirates who is a pirate terrorizing the Orange Town. Nami is shown to be quite greedy and wants to steal Buggy’s money while Luffy had to beat Buggy because of the injustices that he was causing to the town’s people. After finally having beaten the Buggy pirates, all of them flee the town and Nami decides to join Luffy and Zoro for the ride. She stays with the new-found Strawhats till the baratie arc after which she just takes the ship and goes off somewhere without telling anyone where she is headed

The revelation of Nami leaving, did not upset Luffy. Instead, he simply knew Nami had a good reason to do what she did. He asked both Ussop and Zoro to follow her while he was still fighting Don Krieg. Afterwards, when he arrived to her home island, he rebuffed Nami’s attempts to make him leave. Even when Nami’s adopted sister, Nojiko, tried to explain Nami’s past to change his decision, he chose not to listen to her. Because nothing would change his mind about trying to get her back. At one point he threatens to beat up Johnny, one of his own friends, for claiming Nami had killed Usopp.

Their bond became really strong when Luffy supported Nami when she was mentally and emotionally abused by the Arlong pirates. Arlong had killed Nami’s adoptive mother and had imprisoned Nami to draw maps for him. Nami had a mental break down when Arlong betrayed the deal they had made with Nami. Nami realized that she cannot do anything about it and her village will never be free of Arlong. This caused her to stab herself and try to cut off Arlong’s tattoo on her shoulder out of anger. She then turned to Luffy and tearfully asking for his help. Luffy, himself, was furious at the situation he found his navigator in and came to completely hate Arlong. Luffy then put his straw hat on Nami the thing which is most important to him as a sign of his promise that he would free her from Arlong.

He would eventually destroy all of Arlong Park defeating Arlong and emerge from the ruble to declaring Nami as his comrade. As the biggest reason that was stopping her from joining the strawhats was out of the way now, she decided to join the straw hats for real this time

Nami Joining The Crew Again

After she returns to the crew the two became very close friends moving on with their adventures. There was no doubt that Nami would never betray Luffy again as he was the most reliable person in her life. Luffy trusts her & allows her to take command of the ship when it comes to navigating and willfully follows her orders

Luffy has shown it several times that he is protective of nami and will be there for her whenever she needs him just like any other member of the crew. Even though he always protects her, he also believes in her strength and abilities and trusts her when she has to fight

More About Nami And Luffy’s Relationship

Nami has absolute faith in Luffy’s powers. Something she is very proud of and has boasted about his strength on several occasions. When facing Charlotte Cracker, she announced to him that Luffy is the man who will become the Pirate King and thus his status as a Yonko’s Commander was nothing to her. She is however on the other hand also worried for him like she was when Luffy went to fight Yonko’s first commander Charrlote Katakuri all by himself. She became more worried when he told her to destroy all the mirrors and trap both of them in the mirror world but she believed in him and did what he said.

Nami is also one of the people which has more effect than anyone else on Luffy when making decisions. She is the one who always stops Luffy from taking wothless risky decisions and tries to stop him from danger. However, she has also grown within the storyline to understand that somethings one has to stand up and fight for. She is always there whenever Luffy has formed an alliance on his adventures, with Trafalgar Law, and with Capone Bege. She was also there when he formed the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance.

Nami has also been a capable negotiator on the way, as she was responsible for forming a deal to take Princess Vivi back to Alabasta. Furthermore, she negotiated for 300 million berries for Luffy when they cashed in the treasure they had stolen from Skypiea. This allowed them to buy a new ship.

Personality Clash Of Luffy And Nami

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Luffy is an adventure-seeking, careless guy who doesn’t care much about the consequences whereas Nami is a bit rational, greed girl who feels fear quite strongly which is quite often shown by her facial expressions. She also isn’t afraid to show when she is afraid, but recently after the time-skip, she has without a doubt become more powerful and even attacked Big Mom on more than one occasion when it came to it. But nonetheless, she is still the same old navigator girl who lights up every time there is a mention of money

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