Luffy And Hancock: All About Their Relationship

Luffy and Hancock are considered to be a big power couple in the One Piece fandom Universe, and many of the fanbases considers their fate to be bound together. Boa Hancock is one of the 7 warlords of the sea and Luffy aspires to be the king of the pirates and has caused quite a lot of trouble for the world government. Luffy met Hancock after being transported by Kuma to the Lily Amazon island which was an island inhabited by only women and ruled by Hancock, in his encounters on this island he ended up fighting Hackock and two of his sisters along with many other women. During their encounters, Luffy went on to inspire Hancock and showing that he wasn’t like a conventional man that she and the women on her island despised. They thought of men as lustful beings who don’t really care and respect much. Luffy, on the other hand, didn’t turn out to be their image of a man and during one of his fight with Hanock’s sister who were trying to kill her,

One of the sister’s back got exposed, Luffy, which was something that even Luffy knew would be something that would be damaging to the three sisters and the kingdom. He tried to cover her back as he knew that there was something on it that would dearly end up hurting their family. This was one of the many instances in which Hancock realized that Luffy wasn’t like other men.

After seeing this and considering the other things that he had done on this island, she allowed herself to become calmer towards Luffy and stopped treating him like “a prisoner to be executed” which was being done till now. And interacted with him in a more normal way and started treating him as a royal guest.

Luffy And Boa Hancock’s Relationship

After seeing the overall personality of Luffy, Boa Hancock had fallen in love with Luffy and his views. Another thing about him that really changed her look about Luffy was when she came to know that Luffy had punched a celestial dragon on the Sabody Island, and how he didn’t care about the fact that she had been a former slave. All of this occurred after, Hancock had decided to reveal her back to Luffy and tell him about her and her sisters’ past and how she along with her sisters was a former celestial dragon’s slave. His reaction to all of this astounded her as she expected him to despise her along with her sisters as soon as he heard about their past, but this wasn’t obviously the case.

The feelings that Hancock had developed for Luffy were often shown quite clearly throughout the anime series later on. She then also feeds & treats him well along with helps him get out of that island when he hears about the execution of Ace. Hearing that Luffy was about to leave the Amazon Lily island, Hancock even becomes sick. Moreover, she also helps Luffy during the paramount war in the Marineford arc to whatever extent she can even though her duties as a warlord didn’t align with doing this

Luffy And Hacock’s First Encounter

After having been transported to Lily Amazon island by Kuma, Luffy roams around a bit on the island not in search of food. Men are forbidden on this island of women so he gets chased and treated like a prisoner, who had run away. Many women from this island were trying to catch him as he wasn’t allowed here. During running away he falls into the bathing place of the palace where, Hancock is taking a bath, this is where they first meet and Luffy sees the back of Hancock for the first time, realizing that he had seen a similar sign of Hachi too.

Luffy Leaving Amazon Lily Island

After hearing that Ace was about to be executed and before his execution, he was being held at the Impel Down Prison. Luffy requested Hancock to take him there. Hancock utilized her powers as a Warlord to go to Impel Down before the navy headquarters where she was being called. Going to Imped Down and meeting Ace was only an excuse to get Luffy in there somehow so he can then try to save his brother. Luffy hid under the baggy clothes of Hancock which she wore for this very intent.

After the war had ended, Luffy was brought to the Lily Amazon Island where he rested for a while and then woke up, wrecking a revoc everywhere realizing that Ace had died, but Jimbei calmed him down eventually, it was after this that he decided to go back to the area where the war was fought to pay his respect to the dead Ace and whitebeard. Along with telling his crewmates that they were stopping their journey for while to train themselves and get better prepared for the “New World”

After doing this, Luffy, Hancock, and Rayleigh traveled together to an island “Rukashina” which was near the Amazon Lilly kingdom and was renowned for the dangerous beings that lived here. Rayleigh had chosen this place to train Luffy.

Hancock tries to offer getting them food everyday while they are training here. But this proposition is condemned by Rayleigh who tells her to stop Baby-ing Luffy and let him train, as this is all for the benefit of Luffy. After hearing that this would be for the benefit of Luffy himself ( whom she was deeply in love with at this point in the story ), Hancock understood and said she would be patient if that’s what the best for Luffy

Does Luffy Love Hancock Back?

No, Luffy considers Hancock one of his friends and isn’t really shown to have any other kind of emotions towards Hancock or any other women for that matter. He simply just doesn’t care. He appreciates what Hancock has done for her, but fluffy isn’t shown to have an affection beyond that of a friend towards Hancock. He is shown to not even realize that Hancock is in love with her ( which is quite obvious with her behaviour as she is quite bare with her emotions ) but Luffy just doesn’t seem to care and notice things like these and see all of this as she trying to help out her friend

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