Is J.K. Rowling Dead?

Harry Potter was and still is one of the biggest movie franchises to mark their presence. It entertained millions of people through its world of wizardry, and people to this day are stunned by the level of creativity put in by the writer of this book. J.K Rowling wrote

Joanne Kathleen Rowling or otherwise known as J.K. Rowling first had the idea of Harry Potter on a train ride from Manchester back in 1990. The idea was refined over the next five years as she planned the seven books of the series. This is where she made notes on scraps of papers. She went to Edinburgh in 1993 and by then she had done 3 chapters of the philosopher’s stone. By this time, she also had a baby daughter, but the busy routine of a mother didn’t stop her from writing in every free moment she got. Which lead to the production of a rather phenomenal master piece which we know as ” Harry Potter”. But recently we have come to see less and less of J.K. Rowling which has lead many people to question if she is alright and even ask question like “Is J.K. Rowling Dead?”. Well, we decided to answer that very question elaborately in this article.

Well, to put it simply, J.K. Rowling is not dead and just has been out of the news to avoid any kind of controversy that was often caused by her online presence in the past few years

Why Is J.K. Rowling Not In The News Anymore?

The Controversy With The Play

Doing only a small amount of online research would tell you that J.K. Rowling has been involved in what some might call ” Drama “because of a few different subjects. First of all, J.K. Rowling’s support for the play ” “Harry Potter and the cursed child” has pissed of quite a few fans and even turned them against her. There were quite a few reasons for this reaction by the fans, some of the things that were considered wrong with the play were:

  • Time-traveling went beyond the 5-year time frame as it was made for the character to travel several more years during the play
  • Albus was a part of Slytherin which didn’t make much sense for many from the fanbase
  • Voldemort’s child rephrased plotlines: Moreover, the fact that he even had a child made many of the die-hard fans of the series pissed off as Voldemort was shown to be incapable of having children.

Controversy About Racism And Relevancy

Moving on, the play portrayed a black child as Hermoine which was defended by J.K. Rowling saying that she doesn’t care about what the racist idiots have to say about the subject matter. But on the other hand, it can be clearly seen throughout the movie sequences and her books that the whole of the story was based on white folks which is nothing wrong, but retention of being racially progressive is something that pissed many fans off once again.

This was seen by many as an attempt to stay relevant as saying this stuff is what most of the public wants to connect with nowadays and she just wanted to be a part of what was relevant in the new ages as they say. Moreover, the evidence like from the picture taken from her very own harry potter book didn’t support her proclaimed perspective either

Aside from this play controversy, she also went on a tweet war with Donald Trump which was atognizing to some supporteres too. Moreover, she even went on to call people who didn’t agree with her perspective and stood with Trump names like “Racist” and “Mysognists”

Controversy About LGBTQ And Relevancy

The perception of fans thinking that Rowling is just trying to stay relevant was further supported by another one of her doings. When she declared on her Twitter account stuff like ” Dumbledore Was Gay” when the books were already finished and Dumbledore’s sexuality was not once shown or even mentioned anywhere in any of the books. What she was trying to do became quite visible to the fans after this. And many of the people even went on to say that the author saying that nearly reined the whole story and plotline for them. nd flashbacks where they weren’t even necessary just made the whole scenario even worse then it had to be

So basically as many of the fans and critiques say, she was just trying to take credit for writing a story with a gay character even though this was something that was never discussed and specified in the books.

This even went on to annoy a lot of LGBTQ activist who didn’t like being a ladder for people to just gain random attention from the acts that they didn’t even do and wouldn’t even considers saying if it were not

for the sensitive nature of the matter nowadays. But misusing it just to stay relevant is something that spiked as very annoying to many

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