Is Death Note Good?

Death Note is without a doubt one of the greatest animes out there. The awesomeness of this show is advocated by the fact that its been 14 years since this show was released and it is still hyped and respected by Otakus all over.

Spoiler Alert

Well, the main crux of this famous anime revolves around Death Notes. These are books that shinigamis ( the gods of death ) hold and anybody whose name is written on it dies within a minute. Moreover, the way in which the said person would die could also be defined and the exact timing can also be written. But the book does come with some rules like any human who actually uses this book would neither go to heaven nor hell after he/ she dies. Moreover, every death note belongs to a shinigami and that shinigami can only be seen by the people who touch the death note or a part of it.

The story of Death Note starts when one of the shingamis who is well bored out of his mind, throws his book down to the human world to get rid of his boredom and in hopes of getting some entertainment. This book is picked up by a highschool genius student at the time “Light Yagami” who soon understands how the book works and wants it to use for ridding the world of all evil whilst implementing his subjective belief of Justice. Light soon goes on to kill thousands of people by writing their names in different ways and forms a vision of crafting a whole new world and aspires to become the god of he new world that he forms after getting rid of all evil.

The story continues his journey as investigators start trying to catch him And one of the investigators who nearly caught him and showed Light a real hard time was none other than L, he nearly had Light on his edge and made him run all over. but unfortunately, he was killed by a cleverly planned scheme by Light

People who don’t even watch anime have gone crazy after watching this thriller anime as this became the very first milestone that opened them to the amazing world of anime. If you like riddles or crime or detective genre this is one of the best anime, manga that you can get your hands on. This anime has an unpredictable story about how L and Kira ( a name Light gave himself ) fight each other using their genius schemes. L wants to capture Kira and Kira wants to kill L with the Death Note. Starting off Some people think that Kira is God and the savior because he starts off by killing just criminals through his death note and most of the deaths that he causes occur in the form of heart attacks without any external stimuli whatsoever

Kira (Light Yagami) believes that what he’s doing is justice. It is good enough to be watched by every group of people.

Ratings Of Death Note On Different Platforms

Death Note is rated 9/10 on IMDB from a voting of 221764 people, 8.6 on MyAnimeList and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is without a doubt considered to be one of the best mystery anime of all time. One of the best series fans will ever see, People who are not a huge anime enthusiast will also love this, the suspense is incredible, the characters and their personalities are deep and logical. It has some great visuals and the story is one of those that you can’t stop thinking about.

Death Note completely dvelves on the fantasy of a person giving ultimate power over death, and even how the simplest of intentions, of ridding world of corruption in this case can end up having an overall bad impact if not done in the right way

What Is Death Note About?

The plot of death note is about a teenage genius like we discussed above who is bored with the world. He stumbles upon a death note left behind by a Shinigami who is equally bored in his god-like realm.

It’s just a plain-looking notebook! But there’s more than just one in the series, every death spirit or “Shinigami” possesses a Death Note. They live in another dimension, called “the realm of gods of death” and end the lives of human beings by writing their names down in the books. The remaining lifespan of each person they kill gets added to that of the Shinigami. In other words, they kill people to grant themselves immortality.

Humans who find a Death Note can kill whomever they want by writing their names down and picturing their face. You must do both to prevent killing anyone with the same name as your intended victim someone’s got to lookout for the Michael Smiths of the world. Exactly 40 seconds later, that person will die of a heart attack. Should the writer choose, they can also write down the circumstances of their intended death within the realm of possibility.

Light finds this note book and uses it in order to bring justice by annihilating all the criminals. L on the other side is genius detective who uses his great mind to find out Light, and hence begins the cat & mouse chase which makes the show worth every second

A Youtuber’s Video On Whether Death Note Is Worth Watching

Is Death Note For Kids?

No, This anime isn’t surely intended for kids as it is an R rated show, which means it is intended for people 17 years of age or older as the show revolves around a high school student who becomes a serial killer. Since his victims are all criminals, he justifies the murders as a way of creating a crime-free world. Most of the deaths aren’t too graphic, but they’re frequent.

It’s a psychological thriller about how even someone with the best motives and a strong sense of justice can be corrupted by power. It’s about as unchildish as it gets in anime without seriously stressing that rating.

Has Death Note won Any Awards?

Yes, Death Note has won a few awards on its way to fame. It won the Eagle Award in 2008 for favorite manga voted by UK fans. Moreover, it also received nominations like the Best Manga at the 2006 American Anime Awards, the 2007 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize along with an Official Selection at Angoulême International Comics Festival 2008. Moreover,In 2007, the very first three volumes of Death Note came on the American Library Association’s 2007 graphic novels for teens top ten list

How Many Episodes Does Death Note Have?

The total number of episodes in deathcnote are counted to be 37.

  • Episode 1- “Rebirth”
  • Episode 2- “Confrontation”
  • Episode 3- “The Deal”
  • Episode 4- “Pursuit”
  • Episode 5- “Tactics”
  • Episode 6- “Unraveling”
  • Episode 7- “Overcast”
  • Episode 8- “Glare”
  • Episode 9- “Encounter
  • Episode 10- “Doubt”
  • Episode 11- “Assault”
  • Episode 12- “Love”
  • Episode 13- “Confession”
  • Episode 14- “Friend”
  • Episode 15-”Wager”
  • Episode 16- “Decision”
  • Episode 17- “Execution”
  • Episode 18- “Ally”
  • Episode 19- “Matsuda”
  • Episode 20- “Makeshift”
  • Episode 21- “Performance”
  • Episode 22- “Guidance”
  • Episode 23- “Frenzy”
  • Episode 24- “Revival”
  • EP 25- “Silence”

Timeskip 5 years later

  • Episode 26- “Renewal”
  • Episode 27- “Abduction”
  • Episode 28- “Impatience”
  • Episode 29- “Father”
  • Episode 30- “Justice”
  • Episode 31- “Transfer”
  • Episode 32- “Selection”
  • Episode 33- “Scorn”
  • Episode 34- “Vigilance”
  • Episode 35- “Malice”
  • Episode 36- “1.28”
  • Episode 37- “New World”

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