How Does Jiraiya Die?

Jiraiya was one of our favorite characters in Naruto. He didn’t only have a charming personality but could always put a smile on our faces with his perversions. And the fact that he was respected throughout the Ninja World just showed how much of a savage he actually was. And don’t forget he was also the teacher of Naruto’s father “Minato” who went on to become the 4th Hokage. So one can say without a doubt that he thought some of the most popular characters in the ” Naruto Series”. Unfortunately, the one who ended up being the very cause of his death was also one of his students “Pain”. Let’s talk about that in a bit more depth.

After one of the students of Jirayi ” Nagato” a.k.a “Pain” who had formed a group named “Akatsuki” and was planning to destroy the whole of Shinobi to impose his ideology of peace, Jiraiya took it upon himself to go and stop his student as he felt this was his duty as have once been Pain’s teacher ( Sensei ). So, after giving the key of Kurama’s seal to Naruto, who was not yet in full control of the nine-tailed beast inside him. Jiraiya went on to fight Pain himself. And in his attempt to kill off his student who was planning to destroy the world ends up dying in the fight. The cause of his death being drowning after he is thrown to the water after giving his all in the last “Rasengan” he could pull off.

In Which Episode Did Jiraiya Die?

Jiraiya died in episode number 133 of Naruto Shippuden. He was killed by one of his students” Pain” and than thrown into the ocean, where he died through causes of drowning

Jiraya died in ep 133 of naruto shippuden. He was killed by the six paths of pain and tossed into the bottom of the ocean

How Old Was Jiraiya When He Died?

Jiriaya was 52 years old when he was killed by Pain in a life or death battle. This number was never clearly disclosed in the series but has been derived from the other facts of the series. To elaborate, Jiraiya was shown as around 50 years old when Naruto began and at this time naruto was shown 13 years of age. After that they went for a wholesome training of 2 years and came back, about this time, Naruto had become 15 years old. And this was the time when Jiraya went off to fight against pain and died in the process. So it could be said that he was 52/ 53 ( probable 52 ) years old at the time of his death

Why Did Jiraiya Not Retreat And Kept On Fighting Pain?

Jiraiya could have retreated and run back if he wanted to but he didn’t want that to be the kind of a guy who leaves things half done, doesn’t see them through and wanted to be the person Naruto could be proud of. And he just knew that fighting against pain trying to stop him and even dying in the process of stopping him was somewhat of his duty as once have been the “Sensei” of Pain himself. He wanted to see the fight through either way

How Did Naruto React To Jiraya’s Death?

The death of Jiraiya really shook Naruto as he wasn’t only a teacher to Naruto but also like a father figure whom he loved and respected dearly. Though this was often covered up by him pulling his leg every now and then. But they without a doubt had a special relationship

As Naruto himself never had a father, this kind of a relationship was without a doubt something that he sought from the very beginning of the series, and he had connected with Jiraiya on somewhat the same level. This ultimate level of love and respect lead to meant that Naruto was even more hurt. The pain of Naruto on the death of Jiraya was clearly portrayed, and even the episode in which Naruto was given the news of Jiaraya’s death was named ” Somber News ” taking in regard how it would affect the protagonist of this series. He even argued with Tsunade as to why she had let him go alone on this reckless mission

Naruto cries and is emotionally hampered by this whole incident out of the blue. He is then consoled by many like “Iruka Sensei”, “Shikamaru” and “Kakashi”. Down below is a video clip of the reaction of Naruto on hearing about the death of Jiraiya

Does Jiraiya Come Back To Life?

No, Jiraya was never revived in the Naruto series even though all of the other shinobis of the time were at the time of the 4th ninja war. This wasn’t due to the lack of trying as the Akatsuki had tried to revive Jiraiya along with everyone else. But his body was too deep down in the ocean that recovering any of his body parts, like a hair or something similar was deemed impossible and hence his resurrection wasn’t carried out. But recently there has been some talk of him coming back in the runoff series of Naruto i.e. Boruto

Are Jiraiya And Kakashi Related?

Well, nothing of this sort was said or even mentioned in the “Naruto Series”. Both of them were powerful Shinobis who performed their parts well and became the favorite characters of many of the Naruto fans

How Many Times Was Jiraiya Offered Hokage?

Well, Jiraiya was offered the Hokage position in a total of 3 times, but Jiraiya refused the position all three times as you might as well know. Jiraiya struck strong to his beliefs and just didn’t think that the title “Hokage” would suit his somewhat quirky personality. Besides he wasn’t meant for a desk held job anyways considering his passion for travel and being free

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