How Did Sasuke Get Rinnegan?

Sasuke got his Rinnegan from the Sage of 6 paths. After having been stabbed by Madara and nearly on the verge of death. Sasuke was sent to the sage of six paths telepathically. Here, Sasuke was given The Yin half which was half of the six paths’ power. He got his Rinnegan by combining the yin half’s power with his eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

What Is A Normal Rinnegan?

Rinnegan as you might already know is an eye that comes with immense visual prowess. It is usually purple with a ripple pattern. Some of its variations include being gold, red, or in Sasuke’s case, it even has tomoes. The Rinnegan has a wide variety of abilities. They can see chakra, its flow within the body, and the activated tenketsu of the 8 Gates, but it can’t see through obstructions like smoke bombs. You can easily master any Jutsu, as well as all 5 nature transformations.

What Is A Rinne-Sharingan ?

The Rinne-Sharingan is red with a ripple pattern and 9 Tomoes. It has all the powers of the Sharingan and can be used to cast the Infinite Tsukyuomi, a genjutsu that can be cast over the entire world. It can also transport the user and others to alternate dimensions with the Jutsu Amenominaka and also use “God: Nativity of a World of Trees” which will bin them in a cocoon sapping them of their chakra, as long as they’re attached, but it will keep them alive. Eventually, it will turn the host into a White Zetsu, and if all the chakra in the world is gathered into the God Tree it will bear a new Chakra Fruit, which is how Kaguya was able to get that dojutsu, and the ability to use chakra in the first place.

Why Does Sasuke Have A Different Rinnegan?

Sasuke’s Rinnegan is not something natural but it was given to him from the spirit of Hagoromo as a gift when he was dying. Because of this, his awakened Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan developed into a Rinnegan and he got some new powers and still retained all the abilities. Sasuke’s Rinnegan is very unique because it has 6 Tomoe split between its first two ripples. The number of Tomoe indicates the charging level of the Rinnegan.

Sasuke did not loose his Sharingan that is why his Rinnegan is different from normal Rinnegan. However, If his chakra falls to a certain level his Rinnegan disappears and he is not able to use it anymore.

Can Sasuke Turn Off His Rinnegan?

The answer is “No”, Sasuke cannot turn off his Rinnegan that is why he does not close his eye either. He just keeps it covered with his hair because if people knew he had the Rinnegan they would target him and the leaf all the time. He can only turn Tomoes on and off (the black dots). The power of Rinnegan can disappear without the Tomoes, but he cannot completely turn it off.

Why does Sasuke have 6 dots in his Rinnegan?

The six dots in his Rinnegan is the reason behind the uniqueness of Sasuke’s Rinnegan. These dots split between the first two ripples, and it indicates the charging level of his Rinnegan. If these dots disappear that means that the charging level is low and he cannot use his Rinnegan. If all six dots are present in his eye that means it is fully charged. In order to charge his Rinnegan’s power, Sasuke will have to keep his left eye closed until it is fully recharged. Once the Rinnegan is fully charged Sasuke’s Rinnegan will have more abilities than typical Rinnegan users.

Why Can’t Sasuke Deactivate His Rinnegan?

Sasuke is always with his normal eyes all the time which means his Sharingan is off all the time. After the big fight with Naruto, we still see his Rinnegan activated and it is shown that he can’t just simply shut-off his Rinnegan. This is why he tries to keep his Rinnegan covered with hair, as he cannot control its deactivation

Did Sasuke lose his Mangekyo Sharingan?

No, Sasuke doesn’t lose his Mangekyo Sharingan and still possesses its power even after having gotten the power of a Rinnegan. As we know Sasuke already had Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. After receiving half of Hagoromo’s Chakra, the Sharingan in his left eye developed into a Rinnegan. The difference between normal Rinnegan and Sasuke’s Rinnegan is that he does not lose his Mangekyo Sharingan.

However, if Sasuke’s chakra reserves fall to a certain level, The dots on the ripples of his Rinnegan disappear and he is not able to use the powers of Rinnegan anymore. But he can still use the powers of Mangekyo Sharingan with his left Rinnegan eye.

What are the abilities of Sasuke’s Rinnegan?

Rinnegan contains exceptionally powerful chakra and boosts boundless visual power. The Rinnegan allows users to see another person’s chakra and its flow within the body, as well as other invisible barriers.

Rinnegan also allows one to master any Jutsu in a short period of time. Moreover, It gives its user the liberty of mastering all five basic nature transformations. It is the only Dojutsu able to fully decipher the Sage of Six Paths’ stone tablet.

Abilties sasuke can use with his Rinnegan
A picture of Sasuke and his rinnegan to better answer "How Did Sasuke Get Rinnegan?'
  1. He can use pattern recognition which helps him analyze patterns inside codes, and by comparing the similar patterns, decipher what is written.
  2. He can also use Amenotejikara which is a space-time technique that Sasuke can use because of the Sage of Six Paths’ power. Sasuke has used this technique most frequently and he can immediately switch places of any of his two targets in a particular range.
  3. Another jutsu he can use is Space-Time Ninjutsu. These are techniques that allow users to control space and time just as the name suggests.
  4. Another power that Sasuke can use is Shinra Tensei. Only a person with who has mastered all the five basic nature transformations can use this power. The user creates a “repulsive force,” which pushes away everything around that particular person or even attract things they want towards them with immense force.

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