Gon Vs Pitou Episode: All About The Phenomenal Fight

Episode 131, was the episode when Gon and Neferpitou ( Pitou ) had their phenomenal fight which led to the death of Neferpitou and the bare survival of a near-dead Gon and that too due to Alluka’s abilities. This fight is considered to be the best fight of the anime by many of the fans and has even been refered to many fans of other anime fanbases. The fight starts off by Gon running off to fight Pitou so as to get Kite back to his former self and save him, at this time Neferpitou is busy healing Komugi ( The blind girl who played Gungi with Meruem ), knowing that saving Komugi is his priority, Neferpitou asks for some time to be able to heal Komugi before going with him. Gon eventually agrees with this and when Neferpitou is done with Komugi, Gon takes Pitou to where Kite is, and when they get to the castle and Pitou sees Kite, he explains to Gon that Kite is dead and had been dead since their fight.

Fight Of Gon V/S Pitou

This completely shocks Gon who wholly believed that Kite could still be saved. Hearing this, he was full of intent to kill Pitou and avenge Kite and didn’t care about anything else. Realizing that he wasn’t able to kill Pitou at his current power level, he traded off all of his life source which would mean certain death, along with the ability to use nen for power to get tremendous power temporarily, which he would have gotten after years and years of training. But as he didn’t care about anything else then avenging Kite at the moment he had decided to lay his life for this very purpose and kill Pitou with the surge of power that he will get for forsaking his life and giving up his be powers.

Details About Neferpitou V/s Gon

But before actually killing Pitou, he asks for Pitou to come outside of the castle where Kite was as he didn’t want it to get destroyed. Pitou was quite overwhelmed by the amount of aura coming out of Gon and believed that he had reached the power level of Meruem( King ). While following Gon out of the castle, Pitou tried to sneak in an attack to kill Gon, which Gon easily evaded thanks to his newly gained power. Dodging the attack, Gon kicks Pitou up in the sky and smashes her with Jajanken the moment she comes down.

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This is followed by a complete rampage of punches to Pitou, and this is where Pitou loses his conscious and dies satisfied that he had Gon wouldn’t be harming the King ( Meruem) and was fully focused on him.

It was at this point while Gone was punching through the now dead body of Pitou, that Killua arrives to the scene. Killua is shocked seeing Gon in this new powerful form and suddenly worries about him as he wonders what he would have given up to get such power in such a short amount of time. It was at this time when Gon looked and was talking to Killua a bit when the now dead body of Pitou used the last bit of its strength as a reflex whilst using ( Terpsichora ) for a final attack towards Gon in trying to kill him. Killua saw this attack coming towards Gon and pushed Gon, saving his life, but Gon lost his right arm to this attack of Pitou. Gon didn’t seem to be phased by the loss of his arm and instead jumped up caught his right arm by his left arm and used his cut-off arm for piercing through what was left of Pitou’s body.

While the right arm stuck through the chest of Pitou’s dead body, Gon prepared for a final extreme Jajanken towards Pito and completely destroyed everything around along with whatever was left of Pitou.

After this fight Gon falls unconscious and Killua carries him on his back to the hospital. This is where the actual critical level of his condition is put into focus as Gon is bound to die. But this is when Killua goes to his home to bring his little sister who has special powers to fulfill wishes to save Gon, and she is able to save Gon but this doesn’t mean that Gon got the usage of his nen back as even the revived Gon after the fight with Pitou can’t use his nen

Can Gon No Longer Use His Nen After His Fight With Pitou?

Yes, Gon lost the ability of using nen after he fought Pitou due to the pact he made, but it is highly likely that he will soon find a way to start using his nen powers again in the manga or another way of becoming strong

How Does Meruem Die?

After surviving an intense battle with Netero, Meruemis left poisoned due to Netero’s last attack, and the poison being affective, meant that Meruem only had some time to live. These last moments of his were spent along with Komugi, who died with him as the poison that Meruem had caught from Netero was contagious

Why Did Gon Kill Pitou?

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Gon killed Pitou to avenge his dead master “Kite” who had been killed by Pitou

Who Saves Gon From Dying?

Alluka Zoldyk ( little sister of Killua ) who resides within herself an omnipotent entity known as “Nanika” is the one who grants wishes and was the person who saved the near-dead Gon from dying

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