Does Walter White Die?

Yes, Walter White died at the end of season 5. He got shot by his own machine gun and died of the wound. This happened when the machine gun was killing Jack and his band of Nazis. Walter had planted a machine gun outside to kill everyone in the hideout and this is where he also gets shot by his own machine gun. The wound was fatal and left Walter with only a few minutes to live. In the meantime, Walt went back to the meth lab and looked at of the stuff there and nostalgia rushes in his mind before dying peacefully on the floor.

How Does Walter White Die ?

The reason behind Walter White’s death was a gunshot wound he got during his assualt against Jack Welker’s hideout like we just explained, but lets look into a bit more depth under this heading. After spraying bulllets with modified M60 machine gun, Walter white shoots jack in the face, the same way Jack killed hank. This action of Walter White allows already caught jesse pinkman to escape. Walt Throws the gun towards Jesse and tells him to shoot Walt. Jesse, in tears, being emotional refuses unless Walt tells him he wants it. Walt convinces Jesse that he wants to die, but Jesse drops the gun.

It’s argued Jesse notices Walt’s gunshot wound and tells Walter to ‘do it himself’, although it could be seen as Jesse finally breaking away from Walter’s grip over him once and for all, leaving on his own terms. After telling Lydia (Laura Fraser) he poisoned her with ricin over the phone and seeing Jesse depart, Walter goes back to Jack’s meth lab and looks nostalgically remembering everything over the equipment, before he dies, lying on the floor as the police arrive.

In Which Episode Does Walter White Die?

Walter White dies in the 16th episode of season 5. It was the last episode of the entire series. In the last scene of the show, Walter shoots Jack in the face,

How Many Pople Did Walter White Kill?

Out of 281 people killed in Breaking bad and El, Camino combined 201 were killed by Walter White. However, Walter White, most of the times didn’t carry out this dirty work on his own or directly. He always had people to do killing for him, like Mike, Jesse etc. however, There are these 12 people which he killed directly by himself.

  • Emilio Koyama
  • Krazy-8
  • Rival Dealers
  • Two of Gus’ henchmen
  • Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Lester
  • Frankie
  • Matt
  • Kenny
  • Two unnamed white supremacist gang members
  • Jack Welker
  • Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

There are then some other killings which are connected to Walter White, like those 167 people who were boarding the Wayfarer. Others including Jesse’s girlfriend “Jane” and Gale “the chemist” who was Walt’s assistant he was killed by Jesse but was persuaded by Walter White.

Many of his most infamous killings were actually carried out by others like we mentioned above, albeit at Walt’s behest.

Why Does Walter Kill Mike?

This is what happens when egoistic Walter white gets pissed off. There’s undeniably a lot more to it. He’d never walk on the same path of thinking as Mike, Mike had also warned him that he would kill him on multiple events, and at once he was actually going to do it. Walt’s rising self-esteem and anger made him prove to Mike that he is got guts and wanted to show Mike who is the boss.

But it’s critical to note that, in the moment that Walt pulled the trigger, he had no objective reason to kill Mike. It’s true that Mike refused to give Walt the names of his guys (and Walt realized, a minute later, that Lydia had the names), but shooting him wasn’t going to get them. Mike was leaving town, and was in no position to stop Walt from going on an assassination spree. He was simply no threat anymore. But Mike unleashed all his anger and told Walt what he really thought of him. And, as the icing on the cake, refused to cooperate with him any further.

Walt was angry, fuming, and high on his own sense of power, so he pulled out a gun and shot him. It is mostly perceived, that it was at this point where he abandoned any remaining vestiges of his morality. All of his previous killings had actual justifications. That didn’t make them right, but he was always acting out of desperation. But this was something new. He was angry, he wanted to strike back, and so he killed someone.

The time had come where walt could not play a nice guy anymore or pretend that he is a good guy, Hs showed that badass type of his at the end.

Why does Walter kill Gus?

There were many reason why Walter wanted to kill Gus. For instance, Walter was afraid that he would eventually be killed by Gus and or perhaps Walt was scared that Jesse would give up on protecting him from Gus. These reasons led to a change in the intentions of Walter White. According to Gus, Walter’s behavior was unreliable and Gus thought that it is easier to manipulate Pinkman. So these reasons were somehow known to Walter and he knew only one of them could survive and he knew that he will have to kill Gus as soon as he can.

 The turning point was when Walt manipulated Jesse into killing Gale, which obviously made Gus even angrier, as Gus wanted to kill off Jesse and hire Gale back. Now, Gus had lost his trump card and had no choice but to keep Walter and Jesse so as to maintain his profits. Gus tried hard to manipulate Jesse to cook for him without Walt, and almost succeeded when Jesse thought that Brock was poisoned by Walt.

Again, Walt with his brilliant thinking used Tomas’ murder as proof that Gus didn’t care about using children and turned Jesse against Gus. After all that Gus was eventually killed by the master mind Walter White.

Why did Walter poison Brock ?

The reason why Walter poisoned brock was to turn Jesse against Gus. At first, Jesse presumes Walt poisoned Brock with the ricin he had intended to give to Gus Fring. But Walt persuades Jesse that Gus is the actual person behind the poison as a means to tear them apart, effectively turning Jesse against Gus. It’s an evil trick that works.

The truth is that Walt did poison Brock just not with ricin. Instead, he used a Lily of the Valley plant which was growing in his backyard. The effects of ingesting the flower mimicked the ricin that Jesse assumed Brock had eaten.

Breaking bad actors who have died in real life

There is only one breaking bad actor who has died in real life as of yet. His name is Robert Forster, he was known for his roles in Jackie Brown and Breaking Bad, has died at the age of 78.

Forster died on the same day that his new film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie was released. He reprised his role of Ed Galbraith also known as The Disappearer in the Netflix sequel to the hit series, having played the character in the show’s fourth and fifth seasons.

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