Does Superman Age?

Yes, he does age but it doesn’t make much difference. The reason is the slow age process of Kryptonian on earth. At the start, it was just assumed that he aged far more slowly, and if you ever watched the “Lois and Clark” series in the 1990s it was clearly shown that long after Lois and others had gone, Superman would still be at his best fighting for “Truth, Justice and the American Way”. Superman at this period was the powered down 1980s John Byrne version. Even so, he lived much longer! accidentally, this slowed down the aging process because Kryptonians age much slower on earth.

Currently, It can be said he is a “Supreme undying being”. With DC one million from the late 1990s, Superman is stronger than ever in well nigh a million years time and has become a golden godlike being. Since then we have had Grant Morrison’s “All-Star” Superman (2007) where a jealous Lex Luthor has conceived a cunning plan to make the sun’s energy directly proportional to Superman’s power against him.

Here are Lex’s bitter words to General Lane: This suggests to me that writers in the noughties will probably tend to run with the notion of Superman being potentially immortal

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Does Superman Age Normally?

No, Superman doesn’t age normally as humans or other beings he ages far slower than us. In some versions, once Superman achieves full maturity his body simply slows down his aging process. He still ages, only very slowly. As seen in Kingdom Come, Red Son, Superman Beyond, and the Elseworld Stories.

But we also got other versions like Silver Age Superman, John Byrne Superman, and New 52 Superman, that once reaching full growth they would no longer age at all. Instead, the normal aging process is replaced by a gradual increase in terms of power. Or to put it in other words the more they aged the more powerful they became.

The slowing down or end of the aging process is simply explained by him having powers. As long as his powers are active and fueled by the stars, then his enhanced physiology operates differently from if he was on Krypton aging like a normal depowered Kryptonian.

Can Superman Live Forever?

The answer to this question is yes and no at the same time. As long as he has access to a constant source of yellow solar radiation, he will not age or die.

Superman gets his power from the yellow sun which means his cells get powered up by the sun itself. His physiology, make’s him into a battery. Now It can be said as long as the yellow sun is there he can’t ever die.

See here is the problem with what immortality is, and what exactly does it mean in the world of the DC universe. People think of it in different ways. Some say it means you can’t be killed some say you can’t ever die. But it becomes a bit problematic especially when it comes to people like Superman. See Superman has died before so it can’t be said he is immortal because immortal can’t die.

However, the real question here is did superman actually died?

If he died, That wouldn’t really make Superman immortal. See he can die, but one thing is for sure that he lived a long life exceptionally. He has the capabilities to live a very long life. But saying that he can’t die without the plot saving him is a bit dumb. There are other characters that are incapable of dying that is their power. With Superman that is not the case. If he does not die for thousands of years, that would still make him Immortal because no one has ever or can live for that long but Superman.

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How Old Was Superman When He Landed On Earth?

There is no single answer to this question Different movies of superman have it happen differently. Most usually have him as an infant while the 1978 film had him aged 3 years since his father sent the rocket into space. He was 4 years old. At the beginning of “Smallville” after his rocket arrived with all the kryptonite meteors.

Why Was Superman Sent To Earth?

Superman was sent to earth because his father came to know that krypton Superman’s actual planet was dying. In order to protect his son Superman’s father, Jor-el sent Superman to the earth after having a satisfying conversation with Batman’s father Thomas. Superman’s father told Thomas that his planet Krypton is dying and he is not been able to convince the planet’s council of this fact.

He himself cannot move to any other planet or galaxy because Interstellar travel has been banned years ago so the only option left for him is to secure the baby Superman who is very small to fit in a small ship which will allow him to avoid detection. Now the only problem remains is where to send him. His father told Thomas that he has studied many habitats but none of them looks welcoming and may harm his child. However, after hearing from Thomas that earth is a peaceful place and if he finds his son he would raise Superman like his own.

The reason which had been bothering Jor=el had been removed now he was ready to send Superman to the earth. So the reason why Superman was sent to earth was his safety as his father wanted him to have a good life.

How Many Supermans Are There?

There are ten actors who have played Superman. Below is the list of all the actors who have played Superman till yet

  • Kirk Alyn
  • George Reeves
  • Christopher Reeve
  • John Haymes Newton
  • Gerard Christopher
  • Dean Cain
  • Tom Welling
  • Brandon Routh
  • Henry Cavill
  • Tyler Hoechlin
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Are All Kryptonians As Strong As Superman?

No, They are not as strong as Superman. Superman is way more powerful than all other Kryptonians because he is the rebirth of the Kryptonian Sun God Rao. Because Superman absorbs and stores solar energy more effectively than other Kryptonians. He was the only living natural-born Kryptonian. All other Kryptonians were genetically altered to fit a specific role within society both physically and mentally. So Kal-El’s body was that of a pure Kryptonian as opposed to the rest of the population that had had genes removed or interlaced for their specific roles. This gives him more power and free will due to his genes not being changed or mental programming installed in him as opposed to other Kryptonians. But he works so hard at self-control to both not do harm and be human that he looks weaker in initial encounters because he holds back his powers until he gets a feel for how hard he can go.

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