Does L Die In Death Note?

Yes!! L dies in death note, he dies in the episode no. 25 of the anime. This happened whilst L was very near proving that Light Yagami is the real Kira as he had suspected for the past few months. L plans on using the death note to check the legitimicy of the 13 day rule. But, just at this time, Watari dies, as he had seen all of the data regarding the Kira case had been deleted and gone forever. The momnent L figures out that Rem ( The Shingami of Misa and the one loves her dearly ) is the one who killed Watari, Rem writes the real name of L down on her Death Note, killing him in an instant through the means of a heart attack. As L goes through his last moments of heart attack, Light rushes to catch him and holds him in his arms whilst viciously smirking, showing to L that he was indeed Kira just as L suspected him to be in the very last moment

How Does L Die In Death Note?

L dies due to a heart attack after Rem ( the shinigami who had fallen in love with Misa ) writes his name using her eyes that could see his name on her Death Note. In his last moment, he was held by Light Yagami, who viciously smirked letting L know that he was indeed Kira just as L had suspected all along in his very last moments

What Was The Age Of L At The Time Of His Death?

L was 24 years old when he was killed by Rem. In the anime, he was shown to have been born in the year of 1982 and died in 2007

Does L Become A Shingami After His Death?

No, L himself never really owned the Death Note and would have never gotten to anything so intricate as that. Moreover, nothing of this sort was ever mentioned in the anime or the manga through the span of the anime

In Which Episode Of Death Note Does L Die?

L dies in the 25th episode of Death Note, the title of the episode being ” Silence”

What Is The Real Name Of L?

The real name of L was Lawliet

What Is The IQ Of L?

Though this is something that wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the anime, L’s IQ is often estimated to be between 165 to 185 while most of the fans agreeing that it was nearly 180

Does Light Yagami Die?

Yes!! the infamous protagonist of the famous anime Death Note ends up dying a gruesome death too. he was shot during the last episode of the anime. In his last moments, Light requests Ryuk to let him live, but Ryuk says that Light was always meant to die by the hands of Ryuk himself. Ryuk tells Light that he didn’t want to wait till Light went to prison and was spending his time in Jail for him to eventually die as the main climax has ended in his eyes. He praises the entertainment Light has provided him and finally rights his name on his death note and then Light dies due to a heart attack

Was L More Intelligent than Light Yagami?

Yes!! There is no doubt to the fact that L was the most intelligent human in death note. He had nearly figured everything about Light Yagami and even concluded the presence of a Shinigami and all the supernatural things that were going on while being a normal human. Moreover, he nearly beat Light along with his power of Death Note without having any powers than just his intellect

Does Light Yagami Become A Shinigami?

No, There was nothing of this sort told in the manga or the anime. But there are quite a few theories that run saying that Light did indeed become a shinigami as there is one scene where a shinigami walks off to Ryuk in their world and asks about his experiences in the human world. Down below is the scene where many of the death note fans make theories that the Shinigami asking the questions is without a doubt LIght himself who had become a Shinigami after his death

Summary Of Death Note

Well, the main crux of this famous anime revolves around Death Notes. These are books that shinigamis ( the gods of death ) hold and anybody whose name is written on it dies within a minute. Moreover, the way in which the said person would die could also be defined and the exact timing can also be written. But the book does come with some rules like any human who actually uses this book would neither go to heaven nor hell after he/ she dies. Moreover, every death note belongs to a shinigami and that shinigami can only be seen by the people who touch the death note or a part of it.

The story of Death Note starts when one of the shingamis who is well bored out of his mind, throws his book down to the human world to make get rid of his boredom and in hopes of getting some entertainment. This book is picked up by a highschool genius student at the time ” Light Yagami ” who soon understnads how the book works and wants it to use for ridding the world of all evil whilst implementing his subjective belief of Justice. Light soon goes on to kill thousands of people by writing their names in differnet ways and forms a vision of crafting a whole new world and aspires to become the god of he new world that he forms after getting rid of all evil.

The story continues his journey as investigors start trying to catch him with his supernatural power. And one of the investigators who nearly cought him but ended up dying in the process was L as we discussed. Anyways, after going on this journey, he eventually ends up dying after being completely brought down by the plans of the disciples of Near And Mello

How Many Seasons Did Death Note Have?

Death Note had a total of 2 seasons and a total of 37 episodes

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