Does Jesse Pinkman Die?

No, Jessie Pinkman did not die at the end of breaking bad’s season 5. In the last scene of the show, Walter shoots Jack in the face the same way Jack had killed Hank (Dean Norris), allowing a detained Jesse Pinkman to escape. As Jesse gets out of his handcuffs, Walt throws the gun towards Jesse and tells him to shoot him. Jesse, in tears, being emotional refuses unless Walt tells him he wants it. Walt convinces Jesse that he wants to die, but Jesse drops the gun.

It’s argued Jesse notices Walt’s gunshot wound and tells Walter to ‘do it himself’, although it could be seen as Jesse finally breaking away from Walter’s grip over him once and for all, leaving on his own terms. After telling Lydia (Laura Fraser) he poisoned her with ricin over the phone and seeing Jesse depart, Walter goes back to Jack’s meth lab and looks nostalgically remembering everything over the equipment, before he dies, lying on the floor as the police arrive.

Was Jesse Pinkman Meant To Die?

Yes, It is true that series creator Vince Gilligan originally at the start wanted Jesse Pinkman’s character to be killed at the end of Breaking Bad‘s first season. Gilligan wanted Jesse to die in a botched drug deal, as a plot device to plague Walt with guilt. So it turns out Aaron Paul’s character wasn’t even supposed to live past the first season. But, at the end, the one who was left was none other than the Jesse Pinkman.

Circumstantially, The episode of breaking bad in which pinkman was supposed to die was scheduled to be produced during a writer’s strike in Hollywood in the 2007-2008 season. So the episode in which pinkman was suppose to die was never written or created, which was obviously great, because killing off Jesse would have been a terrible mistake.

Did Jesse Pinkman kill anyone in breaking bad?

Yes, there are a lot of people which were killed by Jesse Pinkman. Jesse Pinkman may not have been as easy with killing as his partner Walter White, but there were times on Breaking Bad when he had to kill people. Jesse killed five people in all five seasons including the movie sequel “El Camino“. Of course, his actions led to a number of other deaths including the demise of Tomás Cantillo, Hank Schrader, Steven Gomez, Andrea Cantillo, and various rival drug dealers. However, there were a total of five people which were directly killed by Jesse Pinkman:

  • Gale Boetticher
  • Joaquin Salamanca
  • Todd Alquist
  • Neil Kandy  
  • Casey

Did Walter want to kill Jesse?

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No, though there were some instances where Walter planned on killing Jesse. But he did not want to kill him unless it was a necessity. He did plan on killing Jesse after Jesse had ratted him out to Hank which automatically caused Hank’s death according to Walter, so he wanted Jesse dead this time not to protect his family.

But he did regardless think of Jesse of somewhat like his son and ended up saving him from Jack and his crew too.

Why did Walter want to kill Jesse?

There were some instances in the show where Walt wanted to kill Jesse. Then Jesse made him mad and he couldn’t think of anything else, this is why Walt decided to kill him painlessly using the Nazis. Jesse also ratted him out to Hank and automatically caused Hank’s death according to Walter, so he wanted Jesse dead this time not to protect his family, but for revenge and breaking the rule of business.

Then at last Walt assumes that Jesse had partnered with Jack in peddling his product. He makes the drive back to ABQ fully ready to kill Jesse. However, he sees jesse is not the culprit but is a hostage himself. He came to know that Jesse has been through alot, and decides to save his life and Jesse doesn’t have to die to protect the family at this point, like he needed to when Walt first started plotting jesse’s death. 

Why did Jesse kill Gale?

Killing gale was not something jesse did on his own he was ordered by walt to do it. Walt manipulated him into doing it.

This is one of the favorite episodes of the fans of the entire series After Jesse’s plan to use Wendy to poison the rival dealers fails, because Walt interferes with it, his attempt to kill them himself sets off a chain reaction of dominoes that ends in the death of Gustavo and his empire. With Jesse on the outs with Gus, and Gale cooking under Walt, of course, Walt puzzled out the plan to get rid of him and replace him with Gale alone cooking. Because that is the only reason which could explain the situation. So Mike and Victor kidnap Walt, take him to the lab and they’re going to kill him. He says so specifically to Jesse. Walt: “you don’t have to do this!”. It is one of the famous dialogues of the series.

Which, creepily, is exactly the words Gale uses 10 minutes later when Jesse is there, crying, cornered, pointing a gun at the innocent chemist.So essentially knowing the situation he is in. he kills Gale to save himself and Walt.

Does Jesse pinkman’s family die in breaking bad?

No, none of the Jesse Pinkman’s family member dies in the series. In the first few seasons of Breaking Bad, we constantly heard from Jesse’s disappointed parents. His father, Adam, was harsh when it came to Jesse and refused to let Jesse back into the family after his repeated drug use.

One member of the Pinkman family who didn’t even make it into Season 3: Jesse’s little brother, Jake. His mother, whose name went unmentioned, had a softer heart but was eventually persuaded that the best way to help Jesse and protect her family was to let Jesse be on his own.

Jesse showed up at their house a few times, and at one point, Mrs. Pinkman helped Hank track Jesse down to Tuco Salamanca’s desert hideout. Then, in Season 3, the Pinkmans were blackmailed by an anonymous buyer as they tried to sell their house, forcing them to drastically lower the sale price. The buyer? Jesse, who purchased the house, straight cash, with his meth earnings. That emphatic victory provided a clean break for Jesse with his family: It was the last time we heard from the Pinkmans on Breaking Bad.

What episode does Jesse pinkman’s girlfriend die?

She died in the 12th episode of season 2. She got overdosed with heroin and Walt was watching the whole scene when jane, Jesse’s girlfriend, was choking to death. This scene was an essential plot point for Walt’s character development. It was shown that he just stood there and did not do anything and let her die. This showed that Walt was somewhat turning into a different person.

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