Deku Mom: All About Inko Midoriya

” Boku no hero academia ” is becoming more and more popular as time passes. As of now, people are desperately waiting for the next season to come out and learn more and more about this quirky world. This anime comes with a variety of diverse characters and one of them that many inc the fanbase love is Deku’s Mom. So we decided to article on her and see what we know about her this far in the series

Her name is Inko Midoriya. Deku’s mom is one of the most adorable characters of this anime series, many from the fanbase just love how innocent and caring in the most simplest of ways. She has green hair, and gets scared quite easily when it comes to her son. She has a quirk that allows her to attract small objects towards her.

She is often seen in the kitchen preparing food, and that is entirely what she is seen doing. She hasn’t been shown doing a job or anything related of such sort. So, this makes many wonder how does their household runs, and that is where many say that the money of running is given by Izuku’s father which means that she might still be in contact with his father, but this is something that is completely based on speculation. Anyways, coming back to Deku’s mom, she is around 160 cm in height and is aged 42 currently in the anime series.

Moreover, Inko is an overly expressive woman when it comes to emotions. The anxiety and fear she feels can often be seen in her eyes as she starts crying quite often even in the littlest of things.

A picture of inko midoriya

As shown in the past she seems a bit slimmer than she is now which might be due to her being a single mom who didn’t know how to deal with her son not having a quirk ( Which he looked up to having ever since he remembers ), which is basically considered something like a handicap in this quirk filled world. Moreover, she doesn’t also seem to have a job too other than being a housewife and it is highly likely that Deku’s dad is the one who carries the financial burden of the household and sends in money from abroad but we know very little about him for now. One thing we know for sure about Deku’s mom is that she cares very much about her son. One of the scenes where her concern becomes quite clear to the audience is when she initially refuses to allow Deku from staying at the U.A. Dorm

The Creative Side Of Inko Midoriya

Remember, she made the first costume for Deku with her own hands as a gift. To do this she basically turned the drawings Deku had made as a child of his suit into a real suit, this not only shows how much she loves and cares about Deku but also shows how handy and talented she can be at this kind of stuff

A Moms Guilt

Inko does feel quite guilty about quite a few facts in the anime series, even though she wasn’t much at fault if you look at these circumstances individually. She feels an immense level of guilt when the doctor tells them that Deku is quirkless, it is often seen in the glimpses that she took on the blame for this. Later on, she also takes the guilt of having doubted Deku’s dream of becoming a hero after he was told that he couldn’t, she now often tries to be as supportive of Deku as she can be

How Old Is Deku’s Mom?

Inko Midoriya is about 42 years old right now in the series

What Is Deku’s Mom Quirk?

She can pull small things and objects to herself, but her quirk doesn’t have a name that we know of and is rather quite ordinary

Why Did Midoriya’s Mom Gain Weight?

She is a single mom who didn’t know how to deal with her son not having a quirk ( Which he looked up to having ever since he remembers ), which is basically considered something like a handicap in this quirk filled world. She runs the house by herself and apparently doesn’t even have a job, the latter part is speculated by many fans as that the money comes from Deku’s dad who lives abroad and works there, but still there is quiet a bit on Inko’s plate too which often leads to her eating a lot of food as she is often seen in the anime series cooking food.

Does Inko Midoriya Know About One For All?

Yes, she does, this was done in the end of season 3 of the anime series. He goes on to tell her that allmight has given him the quirk that he now possesses and uses and how its his duty to use this quirk as optimally as possible

Will Deku’s Mom Become Strong?

No, This is highly unlikely to happen, and there have been no hints or information provided on this end. She will stay the gullible loving mom she is now and would probably be exactly the same as she is now. Her quirk is moving small objects towards her which can be quite strong if actually strengthened if possible but all in all, for now, it is a weak quirk, and there is nearly a 0% chance that the author would make such a drastic change while dealing switch such a character

Inko’s Birthday

Inko’s birthday is July 4th

Inko’s Height

Inko Midoriya is 160 cm or 5 ft 3 inches

Inko Midoriya’s Husband

Inko Midoriya’s husband is Hisast hi. There is very little known about him as of yet, he has been working abroad since Midoriya was a little child. One thing that we know for sure about Midoriya’s ( Deku ) dad is that he has a fire-breathing type quirk as this was mentioned by Deku’s mom in the very start of the anime series when she takes him to get him checked about his quirk.

It was stated by Kohei, the author of boku no hero academia that Deku’s father will play a powerful role in the near future of the anime series. He went on to say “Deku’s father will be revealed in the future.”

Hopefully this article as helfpul in answering some of your curiosities about Deku, his powers and other related stuff. if you have a topic you would like us to write an article on feel free to comment in the comment section below. And if you want to know surprising facts about Bakugo, CBR has a great article written on just that so do give it a look if you are interested “My Hero Academia: 10 Facts You Never Knew About Bakugo” And lastly if you want to know more more about Deku’s quirk, we have a great article written on that so do give it a look too if you want “Deku Quirk: All About Izuku Midoriya

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