Can Spiderman Lift Thor’s Hammer?

Yes, he has already lifted Mjolnir and can lift Thor’s hammer. Only those who are worthy can lift the hammer of Thor. Odin before sending Thor to earth commanded the Hammer that any man who uses the hammer should be worth of possessing the power of thor. Which means that he/she would become the god of light

Now back to the question can spiderman lift the hammer of thor? Let’s find out. Is spiderman worthy of having thor’s power? He has already lifted Mjolnir!  ye he has lifted it already. In a particular team-up of Thor and Spider-Man, Spiderman has already lifted the Mjolnir, minus the ‘Thor Powers’ of course. This justifies that he is pretty close to being truly worthy like Captain-America.

Spidey is a good guy and Mjolnir’s worthiness is contingent upon the situation of goodwill. This means in a hypothetical scenario where he with all his combined strength falling short is required to save a lot of lives in these situations Mjolnir might decide to make him worthy but it will be temporarily.

Spidey has not really meet Thor beyond a couple of shared scenes in Avenger’s Endgame, Spider-Man has demonstrated in a scene that he’s actually a big fan of God of thunder. people who have seen Spider-Man: Homecoming might remember seeing the scene where Peter goes on to mimic being a son of Odin

will remember a scene showing Peter Parker mimicking in front of the mirror pretending to be the Son of Odin complete with a wooden hammer. While the scene is meant as a joke it shows how Spidey idolizes The god of thunder.

Can Spiderman Beat Batman?

Yes, Spiderman can beat Batman. It’s a fight. Anything can happen in a fight and it honestly depends on how they perform on the fighting day. I think the odds are still with Spider-Man but I agree that spidey sense doesn’t mean he never gets hit because he does. If you did any fight no matter how lopsided enough times you would get different outcomes. spider-sense doesn’t mean he can’t get hit but let’s not forget if it does see what’s coming he has the reflexes to dodge bullets let alone strikes. I for sure like the idea of batman using sonics, smoke, exploding batarangs, explosive gel, and all that good stuff it’s just going to be very hard.

Spidey will still have the advantage because a lot of this relies on Spider-Man messing around with him and not finishing him quickly because he surely has the speed and the strength to do so. Especially if the two don’t know each other that would put batman at a disadvantage. Because he will be unaware of how fast or strong spidey is until they met in combat, which at that point might be too late for the dark knight depending on how strong spidey lays it on.

There are a lot of variables with every fight. With no prep, batman could be overwhelmed from the start for these reasons. For as good a fighter he is spidey is too fast and too strong. Bruce’s best chance I believe is to use his gadgets. The trick is not to get finished right away. Think about it. If he didn’t know you had that kind of speed, power, agility, and reflexes enough to dodge gunfire he is most likely going to try to fight hand to hand. That’s what he does. I think unfortunately that plays right into spidey’s hand and if he is aggressive enough could end it there. After all, Batman is still human. But if spidey is methodical about taking his opponents out then I can see batman surviving the initial clash.

It’s rare that we see Spider-Man go completely off on someone and even then he needs them to push him to the very edge. Which is why I think since it would be in character that batman has more of a chance than he should here. I suppose he has his gadgets but it would be very difficult. I do think it’s possible, but probably more times than not he wouldn’t be able to handle the wall-crawler. He better makes every trick up his sleeve count because spidey packs a punch. Batman would have to play super dirty, Which could also cause Peter to go off.

Batman isn’t the kind of person to just jump to conclusions like that. A guy dressed as a spider? The very first guess that comes to mind due to the mere costume of a spider, which gives off vibes of a spider that can be things like throwing webs and webs.

Anticipation for Spiderman’s power by Batman are to be expected as fighting people with superpowers is a norm for Batman.

So even if Batman didn’t know, he wouldn’t have taken the chance in a fistfight. He probably would have tested his hypothesis.This fight should be put into a movie or something. It’s so cool.

Can Spiderman Beat Captain America?

Spiderman is likely to win this fight as well. Yes, Spider-Man is stronger than Captain America and more agile but Cap is more durable, smarter, and more skilled. Cap is not as strong as Spider-Man but he’s superhumanly strong. But probably it would be a pretty close fight. During the ‘Civil War’ arc, the comic version, not the Captain America film the pair of them had a fight and, during it, Spider-Man had said he had tried to analyze Cap’s fighting style, obviously because he realized a head-to-head might come about, but now he was in an actual fight with him.

Spiderman is strong enough to pick up to over 10 tonnes, and that’s quite usual when it comes to spiderman’s strength, but he has even be seen to produce even more strength then this in multiple occasions, doing things like lifting buses

Spiderman lifting a bus. or better elaboration to "Can spiderman lift Thor's hammer?"

They start at around 10 tons, but can go past it. Also, by the quote in this picture. He can lift “hundreds of times his body weight”. If we guess his weight at 180 lbs, and multiply that by two hundred we get 18 tons.

If they both fight seriously Spider-Man would either knock his jaw off on the 1st hit he lands or punch a hole in Cap. He did this to both Kingpin and Scorpion, but the impressive thing is that this wouldn’t put Captain America down. However, Spider-Man would still win and since that’s not very interesting, the answer will not be for a death battle, but for a battle on morals instead.

Can Spiderman Beat Black Widow?

Surely, Spiderman would knock her ass off. Spiderman outmatches her in speed, strength, agility, plus his spider-sense. It’s just not possible in a random one on one fight. It’s true that black widow has way more experience and fighting skill contained by Peter Parker and has years of training but beating spider is out of her reach.

Can Spiderman Beat Thanos?

Well, putting their powers aside, Spiderman has defeated Thanos though this never truly materialized in the actual marvel universe.

This actually happened in The Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet, which was a 2010 retelling of the original Infinity Gauntlet story aimed at the YA crowd.

Spiderman is believed to have the power to go hand in hand with Thanos that is , if the situation called for it. At this point, he’d probably be pretty afraid of Thanos, and not looking to engage. If he actually made the decision to take down Thanos, and Thanos didn’t just fly away then Spider-Man has more than enough strength and speed and skill to leave Thanos in a bloody heap.

Can Spiderman Beat Venom?

Yes. He’s smarter, quicker and the brainiac no longer has the advantage of knowing how he fights. It depends on what monotony of Spider-Man we are talking about. Miles Morales would just zap venom a dozen times like he did in the comics and force Venom to retreat.

Can Spiderman Beat Superman?

No, This is not something that spidey can do. Now, this is what would happen if it was a straight 1v1 fight between the two. Even if spidey uses his iron suit he will still be a no match for superman”s strength. He’d probably somehow get his hands on Superman somehow. But as we all know spidey will be a no match for Superman’s insane strength.

A picture showing Superman vs Spiderman

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