Buggy One Piece: All About Buggy The Clown

Buggy was one of the very first antagonists of the anime series and was shown as quite an evil guy. He is the captain of the Buggy Pirates who he now runs with Alvida who is another pirate that Luffy defeated. he also has the power of Bara Bara No Mi which gives him the power of splitting his whole body apart at his will. One of the weaknesses of his devil fruit is that his feet have to stay on the ground and he can split his feet like the rest of his body

Moreover, Buggy used to be on the Pirate King’s ship along with Shanks ( One Of The Four Yonkos ). And as of this moment in the anime series ha also become one of the 7 shichibukai after the marineford war, but his status obviously got nulled when the shichibukai system was recently abolished. After his first appearance in the Orange Town Arc, he has been making quite a few recurring appearances in the anime series. Buggy’s first experience was quite daunting, but he was easily overwhelmed by Luffy in a one on one fight. He was thrown far away with the final attack of Luffy, “Gomu Gomu No Bozuka

After being defeated by Luffy, he got his crew gathered again and went on a few adventures himself, and on one of those adventures he made an alliance with Alvida to kill Luffy when they see him in Logue Town before he enters the Grand Line. He s captured and put on the same execution platform on which Go D Roger was executed, Buggy then announces that he is going to kill Luffy and Luffy having tried his best to get out of the Gallow, isn’t able to he then declares that he is going to be the king of the pirates whilst, announces the name of all of his crewmates that he has built uptil now and says “Sorry, I’m Dead” this is when Buggy swings the sword but before having hurt Luffy, he is saved at the bear moment by Monkey D Dragon ( Whom we later discover is the dad of fluffy, he doesn’t reveal himself as of this moment to Luffy and just helps him get away )

Buggy running away from Logue Town

Smoker, one of the captains of the marine had been planning an ambush of tall of the pirates who have gathered at LogueTown. And his ambush began after the failed attempt of Buggy to execute Luffy. But Both Luffy and his crew along with Buggy and his crew managed to escape Smoker. After escaping from smoker, Buggy and his crew went on a quite a few more adventures on one of which they even met and partied with Ace. But later on one of their adventures whilst trying to find the treasure of Captain John, they get ambushed and captured by the Marines. This is when Buggy is thrown in to Impel Down, where he would eventually meet Luffy again

Buggy’s 3rd Appearence

Buggy’s 3rd appearance was in Impel Down where he was had been thrown after being captured, both of them were trying to escape the prison when they met once again and they eventually went on to free the other prisoners who were locked up and cause a whole rampage in the prison. They were finally able to get out of prison after a few long battles with Magellan which Magellan clearly dominated.

But Luffy did manage to fight with the help of Mr 2 and Mr 3, a bit but they were still overwhelmed and barely managed to run away. Mr.2 had changed shapes as the warden and sacrificed himself for getting all of the prisoners including Buggy, Luffy, and the rest of the inmates out of the prison. Getting out of the prison, Buggy had managed to make a following of all of the low ranking prisoners of Impel Down, starting off they considered him their savior but while on the journey it was revealed that he was once a member of the Roger Pirates and even a close friend of Shanks ( This was revealed later during the Marineford war ) both of these instances occurring one by one along with many others like talking to Whitebeard prompted even more to the already build up hype of buggy in the eyes of the prisoners that he had free who were already quite grateful to him as they thought that he was one of the reasons for them finally getting out of Impel Down which was known as the prison no one has ever managed to run out of.

This had further barred their aspiration towards Buggy and they started wanting to follow this great pirate and be a part of his journey so many of them swore become his subordinates. This became to be one of the further reasons as to why Buggy had become a shichibukai

Buggy’s Appearence

He is a rather slim blue-haired guy with a crossbones spreading from his head and across his eyes forming a clear X. He has a big red nose which is something that he is often recognized by. He also wears red lipstick to further his look as a clown which has become somewhat of his surname in this world as he is referred to as ” Buggy The Clown “. His overall look is further made like a clown when he appears for the 3rd time in the anime series as this time he has two red marks across his eyes. He has blue hair which he often have covered with a jolly roger hat to go with his overall clown pirate look, and that’s about it for his appearance.

His height is shown to be 192 cm in the anime and his age after the time skip was 39 years ( Before the time skip it was 37 years ). Back to the appearance of Buggy,

Bounty Of Buggy The Clown

Buggy the clown had a bounty of 15,000,000 Berries when he was first shown in the series and he still has the same bounty, he is the smallest bounty holder who got a chance of being a shichibukai as all of the rest of them had greater bounties then this. But his status of shichibukai was given to him due to his affiliation with some strong pirtes rather than his actual skills so that’s fair.

Buggy’s Devil Fruit

Buggy’s devil fruit is Bara Bara No Mi, which gives him the power to split his body into small piece. But one drawback of this fruit is that Buggy can’t convert this feet into small pieces and they have to stay on the ground unlike the rest of his floating body. And like all the other devil fruits it takes the skill of swimming away from him. Moreover, Buggy didn’t want to eat this devil fruit and had origianlly planned on selling the devil fruit. But he mistakenly ate the devil fruit after being surprised by Shanks

Are Buggy And Luffy Friends?

They have been acquaintances for quite some while now and they did manage to get out of prison together by collaborating. But it isn’t likely that Luffy considers his Nakama but rather just someone he knows and broke out of prison with

When Did Buggy Appear For The First TIme In The Anime?

Buggy appeared for the very first time in episode 4 of the anime and chapter 9 of the manga

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