Ace And Luffy: All About The Brothers

Ace was the sworn brother of Luffy who died in the battle of Marineford, despite Luffy and thousands of other people trying to stop that from happening. Luffy had gone to Impel Down, broke out of there, nearly died multiple times, to get to save Ace but it ultimately couldn’t go the way intended and Ace ended up dying trying to save Luffy from Akainu who punched through Ace, we will talk about this a bit later in this article.

Ace had joined the whitebeard pirates after roaming around the sea for a while and rose up to become the second division captain of their sea, Ace took immense pride in what he was and boasted to Luffy about Whitebeard’ pirates and how he had become a part of them. On the other hand, Luffy had formed his own crew and went on his journey to becoming the Pirate King.

Ace and Luffy separated their ways after Ace turned 17 and left their hometown to become a pirate of his own. And Luffy being 3 years younger then him, had to train for 3 more years before he left the village as they had promised to leave for sea the moment they become 17

Their Relationship

Ace and Luffy are not blood-related brothers. Ace’s father was Gol D. Roger ( The Pirate King ), whereas Luffy’s father is Monkey D. Dragon ( The most wanted man in the One Piece World and the leader of the revolutionary army ). They along with Sabo became brothers after making a pact and drinking sake together when they were young

Ace and Luffy truly considered themselves brothers and were ready to sacrifice anything they had for each other. They did, on the other hand, also respect the other’s decision like Ace signing up with Whitebeard’s crew and Luffy trying to become the pirate king himself. One of the reasons that Ace fought Luffy was because Blackbeard would have targetted Luffy if Ace didn’t get in the way of it. This further pissed Ace off as he couldn’t think of anyone targeting his little brother.

Ace was a protective elder brother from the very start and always thought of Luffy as a jumpy little brother. He also seems to be more mannered then Luffy as is remarked by the Strawhats when they first meet him. Both of them share some certain habits like sleeping wherever they can and being passionate about food and their comrades, Ace’s principles what had led him to follow Blackbeard as Blackbeard had killed one of the crew members and this was something that Ace just couldn’t forgive.

The brothers meeting after over 3 years

It doesn’t matter to their relationship whether they see each other for years on end or not, but they respect the individual choices each one of them makes and know that they will be there if their brother needs help. And they respect each other’s right to do whatever they want. Ace on meeting Luffy also offers them to come on Whitebeard’s ship and become a part of their journey

Ace & Luffy’s Childhood

Some time passes along and Luffy’s Grandpa “Garp” who has been rasing Luff for 7 years now gives him off to live with some mountain bandits on the to live with them as he says that he would visit them whenever he gets time. Along with the mountain bandits, there is another kid, named Ace, 3 years older than Luffy ( Who we later find is the son of Gol D. Roger ). Luffy and Ace don’t get along at first but soon become friends

They also have another friend named Sabo who belonged to a noble family but roamed around with them all day and night. The three of them went on hunting as well as adventures together. They became very close friends and fought off quite a few battles together as kids. And one day they decided to make a pact of becoming brothers by drinking Sake which they did. After that, they actually thought of each other as brothers and kept on doing adventures

heWhile having their many adventures all of them decide to become pirates. But the pressure from the noble family of Sabo often led to him getting beat and running away. This led to him leaving the group to become a pirate and running away, but whilst he is running away to become a pirate alone without his 2 brothers due to the complications with his family. He is shot by a canon and his ship sinks and he apparently dies at that point ( We are only told later in the story that Sabo is still alive )

After hearing about the death of Sabo, both Ace and Luffy cry their hearts out and don’t know what to do, they promise to each other that they won’t be sad and would continue on to become pirates. They decided that both of them would leave to start their pirate journey at the age of 17. They went on adventures and trained together till then. Ace being 2 years older than Luffy, became 17 when Luffy was 15 and left alone on a ship to start his pirate journey. This is where Luffy and Ace part ways, they promise each other that the next time they meet both of them would be pirates. Luffy stayed behind for 2 more years training himself to become strong and soon when he becomes 17, his pirate journey also starts.

Ace’s Death

Ace was off finding Blackbeard who had betrayed the whitebeard pirates. Later on he went on to fight him and lost in a drastic face off.

After he lost to Blackbeard he was given off to the marine by the Blackbeard pirate in an attempt for them to become shichbukai which they did. Ace being captured by the marine had caused quite a chaos all around as he was the 2nd decision commander of the whitebeard pirates who was considered the strongest pirate of the time and he was bound to do something to protect his subordinate ( or his son as he calls them ). It became necessary for the marines to execute Ace even further when the truth about his father being Gol. D Roger came out.

And hence, the battle known as the battle of marineford ( Paramount War )took place between the whitebeard pirates, their allies, and the marine. It was during this battle that Ace died after being freed by Luffy in an attempt to protect Luffy afterwards, from a punch of an admiral. Ace died in the arms of Luffy whilst protecting him and Luffy at that very moment realizing what had happened started profusely crying and lost his consciousness

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